Think of new ways to enjoy photography!

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Think of new ways to enjoy photography!
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It's fun to take pictures.

This is an unmistakable fact. When you release the shutter as you like and look back and take a picture of something that you like, there is the catharsis that you can't say anything about. and High Quality Images .

However, "what to do with the pictures taken" may be an eternal issue for the person taking the picture.

I think it's not enough to put it up for public offering or print it out and decorate it, but my favorite photos are stored in a large capacity in the cloud or HDD and High Quality Images .

Look forward

I don't care about the amount of data today, but I think it's a waste. Cameras these days are really good, and there may be masterpieces and High Quality Images .

that are unknown to anyone sleeping in PCs around the world.

As I wrote a lot in this note, my photographic fever reignited from around October last year, and since I bought the SIGMA up and High Definition Stock Images , I have released the shutter thousands of times. (* The photos taken during this period are generally uploaded to Flickr )

Looking at the photos on Flickr, I wondered if I could sublimate these photos into something new. Then I came up with "manga".

In fact, comics were also drawn a little two years ago ( Kore Toka Kore but I Toka), also read a variety of manga like, and among them, common in the manga "At first glance, I seem likely or there is no context or was meaningless I like things like "comics of pleasant scenery" and High Definition Stock Images

It's always meaningful because it's a little "pause" expression or because of a scene change, but it seems that the presence of such a frame adds a visual appeal to the manga.

Look Beyond

For that reason, I thought that by reconstructing the photo like a manga frame, you could feel a story. It's just a college, but I had a feeling that by being aware of the "manga-like composition" as much as possible, it would stir the imagination of the viewer.

This kind of thing is easier to produce than you think. Run as soon as you come up with it. I tried to identify the photos I took in the past and make a photo that would be interesting if I made it look like manga. So, here is the first one I made.

When I actually try it, it feels like I'm editing a video, and it's really interesting. As I thought when drawing manga, thinking about frame division is very similar to thinking about video cut division, and things such as twists and hiki and angles that are quite similar to the production of images are is there.

And, after all, by changing the vertical and horizontal spaces in the same way as manga frame division, or by intentionally inserting vertically long frames, you can see a mysterious flow by composing it more like a manga. I found that it was coming.

Look in to the abyss

This may be a feeling especially because it is Japanese, but it is because it is "imprinted" so that it makes me think "Oh, it's a manga" just by looking at the "so-called familiar frame-breaking composition". I suspect it is.

Japanese manga is composed of vertical writing of basic characters, and there is an implicit rule that it is read from the upper right to the lower left. However, in this attempt, at the same time as being manga-like, I did not include any characters because I wanted to be a photographic expression. Nevertheless, the line of sight is unknowingly guided from the upper right to the lower left. Isn't this proof that "imprinting" is strong?

Conversely, in English-speaking horizontal manga, it is common to read from the upper left to the lower right. If someone who is accustomed to it sees it, the reading order may be reversed. However, in this case, it doesn't depend on the story in the first place, so it may not be so uncomfortable when viewed from the opposite side, just by changing the order a little.

The Odyssey so far

After trying it, I realized that it is better to reconstruct only the ones taken in the same situation as much as possible. This seems to be a matter of course, and it may be something that only the person who took the picture can understand, but I feel that it somehow oozes into the expression and Stock Photo Websites .

Even so, what I find interesting is that even if you arrange the photos that you did not take with the intention of making a story like this from the beginning, it will look like that.

Human beings are mysterious, and it seems that the feeling of seeing them differs between when you look at a photo alone, and when you look at multiple photos side by side. Even if I knew that I feel that this experimental attempt was successful. and Stock Photo Websites .

I think that what is needed there is still "idea" and "design".

I think it would be nice to have a way to enjoy photography like this without being bound by stereotypes.

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