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The wilds of suburbia

A beautiful riverbank moment

By Donna Morgan Published 3 years ago 3 min read
A magic moment

The wilds of suburbia in North Queensland, it never ceases to give me endless moments of beauty with the natural wonders that present themselves. This particular day as my husband and I walked the 10,000+ steps around our riverways riverbank precinct we were met with some friendly, comical and beautiful characters of the natural world some I couldn't capture like the bees and butterflies as they flitted on their journey to nowhere in particular but to fast for me to keep up.

There were many people out walking with their dogs, exercising bike riding jogging yet none of this seemed to bother this little guy as we approached I had been watching him as he waddled around being very vocal he decided as we walked closer he knew us. He began his earnest run over to us. He was amusing in his increasing push to get food. Adorable in his own way and happy to be photographed.

Friendly riverbank local

It was such a beautiful serene afternoon I just accepted that something else would show itself to me. With my camera always ready when we walk I kept snapping away at flowers, the river, the leaves and trees, birds the elusive hawks as they swoop and glide the wind currents looking for the afternoon's catch these still elude my camera capture.

The riverbank did not disappoint as we walked up to a section where the turtles eagerly await their afternoon snacks a man stopped and said you will love what's around the bend it's a photographers dream. The excitement grabbed me I wanted to hurry but also didn't want to startle the bird. We rounded the bend and there he was this majestic Darter sunning himself the light was that magical time of the day it was popping. Perfect beauty and glow, It was a moment captured in the soul and on the camera. I felt so much joy at being able to witness the beauty, the glow and the majesty of this magnificent bird, I almost forgot to take the photos. He was mesmerising

A special moment captured

So lost in the moment taking in the light, the gleaming glow of the feathers and the shades of light and colour on this bird I wanted to bask in the moment not wanting to leave. The bird was so unfazed by humans and everyone stopping he just sat and continued his wing stretching and occasional head-turning he continued to just be a spectacular show for everyone walking past.

Magnificent nature.

Was it a he, I don't know maybe not, but does it matter not really. Beauty is beauty, magnificence magnificent

Beauty in the light

We continued to watch I moved forward to get a different view different light and shadow but still a joy to witness, not wanting to leave grateful for the moment to capture this sight. Still not really wanting to leave grateful for the moment to capture this sight

love in the moment

Finally, we began to move both of us knowing we had witnessed something special. Feeling serene and peaceful we watched the turtles pop their heads up to be fed for a short time, they are always ready to show themselves. Advantageous in their pursuit to be fed. We walked across the bridge. After this, I didn't expect anything else this was the moment I was meant to see and capture this was the icing on the cake.

Natures afternoon performance.

I'm not sure I wanted to capture anything else after this but as photography enthusiasts do, we don't turn the camera off unless you're not feeling the vibes.

Continuing our walk enjoying the weather and the moments spent together witnessing nature. Around the next bend and there sat this peaceful water bird. This one a different type of beauty special in its own serene unique way. To me just as special being there to witness natures show.

The beauty in the wilds of suburbia always provides a show that can be a magical experience. Suburbia can be a different type of spectacular as nature adapts to humanity and suburban living, we can adapt to living with nature. Living in North Qld has given me endless moments of beauty and surprise at the things I have captured with my camera.

So no matter where you live don't discount your local parks and rivers you may find some amazing nature waiting for you.


About the Creator

Donna Morgan

I am a lover of the mystical the magical and the spiritual.

I write to heal myself and to share my journey with anxiety and life that I experience through my feelings.

I love to write it is my healing place.

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