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The villain also has the time to save the world.

by Chris Pagian 3 months ago in film
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Count those washed-up Marvel villain roles!

It is said that "blackened strong three points", we can often see certain characters because of the impact of the Marvel Universe's big event storyline and blackened for the villainous positioning of the role, which is more typical in the previous Marvel big event "axis of good and evil", many reunion characters because the role attributes reversed, turned into a villainous role.

The corresponding villain role is forcibly reversed for the positive role, for this reason, the original reunion role began to be selfish and self-serving, endangering the city, while the original villain role is to take up the task of saving the world ~

But this because of the "special nature" of the event triggered by the role of property reversal, can only be said to be more special, and in the Marvel Universe there are many characters, is in the main plot from black to white washed white, such as the following: [1] Venom.

[1] Venom.

At the beginning of Marvel's setting, Venom is a villainous role, which we can see from the release of Sony Pictures' version of Tobey Maguire's "Spider-Man 3" when Sony Pictures referenced the original Venom character positioning is a total villain, vicious, ruthless.

But along with the continuous development of the role of Venom, as well as the expansion of the Marvel symbiote branch, Venom's villainous properties gradually became "anti-hero" positioning, and even, though Venom has also joined the comics, Silverguard is such a positive hero team.

However, it is important to know that: Venom's positive and evil attributes more or less depend on the good and evil of the host, encounter a good host, Venom will not be bad to where, and vice versa the same ~

[2] Planet devourer.

When it comes to "Uncle Tun", many fans should think of his other title "Marvel Power Unit", no way, in most of the Marvel plot settings, Uncle Tun is either on the way to dinner to be beaten or on the way home to be beaten, so also by many Fans flirt with.

If you have not beaten the planet devourer, may be embarrassed to call yourself a cosmic powerhouse.

For Uncle Tun, the theoretical setting is not good or evil, as the gods of the Marvel Universe, his duty is responsible for destroying the planet, in other words, quite some "I destroy you, what do you care" meaning, only, because our readers' perspective is based on the Earth.

Therefore, when Uncle Tun wants to eat the Earth, we automatically attribute it to the villain.

But, in many subsequent episodes of Marvel, the setting of Uncle Swallow has been gradually "whitewashed", and even though some do not fight the rhythm of acquaintance, the late Uncle Swallow, and Marvel Earth many heroic characters have a very good relationship, such as the Fantastic Four, the Evil Knight and so on.

[3] White Queen.

Many fans who have not seen the comics for Marvel's "White Queen" the role of knowledge, probably more from the 20th Century Fox film in 2009 "Wolverine" and 2011 "X-Men: World War I" by Jen Newry Jones as the White Queen version.

In this movie, the White Queen is set to be a member of the Hellfire Club led by Sebastian Shaw, who instigated the Soviet Union's relations with the United States to fight for world domination and attempted to provoke a nuclear war, the first enemies faced by the X-Men.

In the original comics, the White Queen is also a villain-positioned role, also belongs to the "Hellfire Club" one of the villainous members, but in the late comics had been Professor X's "mouth" to whitewash, joined the X-Men.

And let countless fans decide that it is a positive role of the turning point, is the White Queen and Laser Eye to determine the relationship between the couple, the White Queen after even the entire X-Men Mutant Academy self-help, properly whitewashed villain role.

[4] Magical Girl.

In the previous Fox series of films, the magical girl has always been in a positive role posture, and even eventually in the "Black Phoenix" is also directly blacked out by the piano - Grey to miss, so that countless fans feel sorry for, is precisely this, in many from the film perspective into the comic book pit fans here, has always been that the magical girl is a positive role.

But, in the original comic book, the persona of the magical girl is not so friendly.

In the original Marvel, Magical Girl's life is almost always composed of people who betrayed her, once the red devil in Germany to seduce, after giving birth to a body blue, long tail baby, the baby is later X-Men "Nightcrawler", and by the original setting, Magical Girl is somehow a ruthless character. In the original setting, the magical girl is somehow a ruthless character.

But from another perspective, it is difficult to define her absolute attributes of good and evil, because, in the role of the magical girl, she can betray any person in the world, including perhaps herself, but only not betray or harm two people, one is the "Rogue Rakshasa", the other is "Destiny Girl".

The former is her adopted daughter.

The latter is her lover (yes, the original magic girl is considered a two-way love).

The only time the magical girl in the face of these 2 people, you can sacrifice dedication for them, with near absolute trust in them, but the more awkward is that, as an adopted daughter, Rogue dislikes the magical girl's morality and ruthless persona, has never treated her, and as a lover of the fate of the woman, but no magical girl long life span, can not stay with her for a long time.

In addition to the above -

In the outside universe, there are actually many villainous characters who have been directly or indirectly whitewashed, and even in some special circumstances, similar to Dr. Doom, the top villains like the Exterminators will also have been whitewashed, for example, in "Secret Wars 2015" Dr. Doom has acted as a vanguard to stop the Beyond Gods from destroying the universe, while the Exterminators are in the "God's Quarry" vision in the personal issue of "Exterminators" to become Captain Avengers.


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