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The Secret Invasion

"Emilia Clarke, "Mother Dragon

By Chris PagianPublished 7 months ago 3 min read

Marvel's subsequent several episodes of IP "Secret Invasion" is a series that many Marvel fans pay close attention to, not only because this series is backed by the Marvel IP is a top big event, but also because this episode joined the "Dragon Mother" Emilia Clarke.

Based on our understanding of the original "Secret Invasion", the entire episode's setting, although there may be adaptations, the general direction should still be based on the main line of "the Skrulls use their simulated talent to secretly invade Earth", and, before that The episode is also rumored to have undergone a "very large" plot replays.

But despite this -

The video shows "Dragon Mother being pressed to the ground with one hand by several actors wearing motion capture devices".

However, it was recently revealed that "Dragon Mother" Emilia Clarke's role in "Secret Invasion" was revealed -

Daniel Richtman, a well-known journalist on the Internet, revealed that "Dragon Mother" Emilia Clarke played the role of a Skrull in "Secret Invasion", the name is G'iah!

For this role, earlier if you have read the "Secret Invasion" original comic fans may know, in the setting, G'iah this one Skrulls similar to the Skrulls invasion of other planets civilization undercover agents, initially to help the Skrulls to carry out the role of the secret invasion plan.

But because G'iah saw in the comic because of their help, the Skrulls in the implementation of the secret invasion plan after some unscrupulous operation, G'iah gradually changed their attitude and began to turn against their race.

If you look at the role that "Dragon Mother" Emilia Clarke may play in the episode, the previously revealed set shot "Dragon Horse was chased by actors with motion capture devices and pinned to the ground" setting will be able to explain The set up can be explained.

Perhaps, it is also "Dragon Mother" Emilia Clarke's role after seeing some of the actions of their race after the invasion of Earth, changed their position and began to fight against their race to secretly help the people of Earth and so on, and such a set-up, but also to allow "Dragon Mother" Emilia Clarke "Emilia Clarke played by the role of the subsequent in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has more plot possibilities.

Typical: instead of the original in the Skyward Sword Bureau in the role of Commander Abigail Brand.

From Marvel Nick Fury and Skrulls Taros pre-storyline, "Secret Invasion" should be distinguished from Taros part of the Skrulls, because after losing their home, want to replace the Earth people, the Earth as their new home.

The whole story also revolves around the invasion faction of the Skrulls and the peaceful faction of the Skrulls and the Earth side of Nick Fury's three forces, which will certainly involve Nick Fury's pre-establishment of the "Heavenly Sword Bureau" space base.

Therefore, from the plot direction, "Dragon Mother" Emilia Clarke as G'iah in the episode, may start as an invasion faction of the Skrulls agents, but after changing positions, began to join Nick Fury and Talos faction, and after the resolution of this crisis, the subsequent G'iah in Marvel's positioning perhaps The original "Heavenly Sword Bureau" commander Abigail Brand this role of the film and television version.

After all, G'iah is a Skrull himself and has a "soft spot" for Earth, so being the assistant (commander) of Nick Fury's new Skyward Sword base is a pretty good setup, and it also ensures that "Mother Dragon" Amelia Clark will be in the next Marvel movie. Clark in the subsequent Marvel Cinematic Universe can also appear again, or even resident.


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