The program Photoshop the CC

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Adobe Photoshop CC

The program Photoshop the CC
Photoshop manipulation

Photoshop is a program for creating and editing the most famous and most popular. Due to the many outstanding features, whether it is the ability to handle various types of files used in different work types, including images taken through the printing process. And images used in web pages or sent through electronic media Excellent ability to edit images. And creating special effects, there are powerful and flexible tools. It is possible to save repetitive steps for running later and a large number of plug-ins manufacturers. The plug-ins that allow for complex tasks accomplished quickly

. The following are examples of different types, which we can use Photoshop to handle easily.

• Correct defective or defective photos, such as distorted colors. Shadow Adjustment bright or too dark, remove the flash reflecting the eyes

image editing such as cutting off the unwanted parts. Remove the cluttered elements Blur or sharpen the image. Removes the model's body skin and removes moles, blemishes, removes pigmentation from scanned images from printed matter.

• Modify images, such as transforming an image into a vintage sepia color or converting an old image into black and white. Into a color, picture Change the image of people to become fatter - thinner. Or children - older than they are.

• Add special effects to the picture, such as making it look like looking through different glass types and patterns. Or like a reflection in the water Change photos to look like paintings with a variety of tools. Add sparkles or shadows to objects to make flat objects look three dimensions Change the color tone of the image

• Create graphics. Which combines photographs, text and images, objects, or special effects created in Photoshop for use in advertising production. Make a cover for a book or magazine Or use it to decorate a web page

2. Background of Photoshop

. Photoshop software company Adobe ( " A - Studio - Bee "), a developer. Graphics software And major printing industries It is also the inventor of the PostScript language and the PDF (Portable Document Format) format used in the printing and document formatting industry on the Internet, so Photoshop can collaborate and exchange files with other graphics applications. They include Illustrator, Page-Maker, and Acrobat, all of which are owned by Adobe.

Photoshop out the first version in 1990 and has been evolving steadily, version 2,2.5, 3, 4, 5, 5.5, and 6, 7, CS 2, CS 3, CS 4, CS 5, CS 6 is the latest. Photoshop cc 2020 version now with new capabilities. Another one for image manipulation is Adobe Bridge CC, which is our photo management program. That acts like an Explorer operation, or something even better, such as grouping images. Showing the details of the image, such as what kind of lens the camera is shooting with white balance, is so important is the ability to preview Photoshop extension files. A PSD without having to open it in Photoshop and command can automatically use image files.

3.Web graphics and Adobe Photoshop

. A key component in making the website more attractive. It is inevitable that the pictures to be decorated, Which many developers have successfully implemented. Some take pictures from other websites That looks beautiful to use. And there are quite a few that create the image itself By relying on graphics programs such as Photoshop, Photo Impact, Paint Shop, etc. The Photoshop program is considered a graphics program that is commonly used to modify images or create images. To be used on the website Because there are various functions, There are filters to customize images from different companies. It makes it easy to modify images as needed. Photoshop was initially used for print media ( Desktop Publishing), but now web design has a very high role in business and education, so Photoshop is used.

Making graphics for use in the website Specific Principles Unlike print media work, both the Resolution of the image (Resolution) used only 72 dpi or the number of colors used to display. Therefore, the study of the characteristics of using Photoshop to create graphics on the website. It is another exciting science.

When creating a web site, the Resolution is set to 72 dpi.

Photoshop capability. The core Of the program Will be divided into two issues are

. 1), editing photos, a forte of Photoshop as a photo editor for the light. Remove unwanted wrinkles from pictures, Including editing several images together. This section is called the retouching part

. 2) Design, create graphics, use Photoshop to help create three-dimensional images. Ability in this section will be the subject of scribbling, writing, designing, creating graphics such as drawing cartoon characters. Or designing various types of publications

. 4.1 printed design

. The design printed all kinds of designs such as three-dimensional images, designs, logos, banners, business cards, flyers, brochures, books, catalog items, posters, billboards. We can use Photoshop to help us work very well

. 4. 2 Web design

.Make the website beautiful. It is essential to have attractive graphics that are attractive, decorated with images of different sizes, creating a website logo. Creating a character that these functions It is necessary to use Photoshop to help design

. 4. 3 editing and repairing images

. The original image that we get sometimes has many defects such as too dark, jagged, noise, too blurry, etc. We will bring these flawed images to work. It is necessary to edit and repair the said image first. So that the picture is perfect for the job

. 4.4 Editing, modifying or creating modern graphics

. Today's graphics work integrates with everyday life into something that isn't far off. Whether it is a bag, CD cover, desk calendar Computer screens, websites, books, covers, journals, magazines, cards, public relations signs, symbols, etc., these works are also created using a design aid program. Bring pictures to create beautiful graphics that are useful and useful. As well as having good design ideas

5. Needs Photoshop CC 2020

. Adobe Photoshop CC 2020 has developed various tools and commands vastly improved; it is a relatively high demand resource. And to make creating graphics work more efficient and convenient Therefore should check the computer in use. Whether there are enough resources available before installing the program, The computer features appropriate to install Adobe Photoshop CC 2020 are as follows.

. 1) Window 10 latest version.

. 2) processor: minimum your computer processor 2 GHz or faster.

. 3) memory ( the RAM): Minimum 4 GB your system RAM.

. 4), storage (Hard Disk) OF minimum your computer free hard disk space 3 GB.

. 5) screen: 1024*786 display.

. 6) 3D feature: If less then 512MB of VRAM, your 3D feature is disabled.

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