The Origin

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When Did My Passion for Film Begin?

The Origin

How One Mistake Fixed My Life, 2015-2016

I’m new to all this, so bear with me. Since 2015, I’ve been interested in filmmaking and modeling. My parents bought me a camcorder, a Sony HDR 440 on my birthday, they knew I wanted to film, due to me filming on my phone to make videos. With this camcorder, I filmed as much as I could possible, burning through gas money like substituting wood for money to light a bonfire. I filmed and edited video blogs, fun talk shows, and my brother’s race car races around the US. I learned only the basics with this camera. I mainly filmed wide shots and close ups, I didn't really get too fancy. I was only worried about creating.

The majority of my old videos from YouTube, before I pushed the private button on all of them due to my embarrassment of a videographer, I filmed with this camera. Till one final day where my friends and I were filming in under construction houses for my friend, Dylan Peirce's video blog for his YouTube channel.

We were filming a rip off version of "IT." Why? I have no clue. As we finished the shots Dylan needed, we left to shoot more clips in a different house. I, being the forgetful person I was, walked out empty handed, unknowingly. Not a day later I noticed I didn’t have my camera bag, with my Sony camcorder, a surface tablet, and a GoPro Session 5. I called Dylan, and told him to check to see if the bag was still at the house. So as he went to search the building, thoughts flew threw my mind. At the moment I wasn't scared about losing the bag, I was only afraid of what my parents would say if I had actually lost all of my equipment. Dylan finally called me back saying nothing for the first ten seconds, which scared me even more, then he said it. The results were in, getting the news that I dreaded to hear. Dylan told me "Chase, I have some bad news. The bag wasn't there."

After hearing this, my heart fell. Now it hit me, I was scared and mad. Frustrated with myself and scared to tell my parents that I had lost my camera, and their Microsoft Surface. Oops. I was an arrogant child, so I didn't tell them. This lasted for about a year, until they started asking about where the surface was. They never got mad at me, they just shunned me for about three months (Not really, my parents are sweet, they knew I'd lose it, and they didn't care too much).

This experience made me realize that film is my calling. Losing my first camera hurt, not my wallet, but my heart. It messed with my mind, I won't lie. This allowed me to make the decision that I wanted to continue to film, and pursue this passion more forcefully. I pushed some more content out using my phone. I knew that I couldn't keep this up, but fast forward two year and I had finally saved up enough cash for a new camera.

My New Camera, 2017-2018

The Panasonic LUMIX G7, this SLR is my favorite when it comes to filming, due to its 4K resolution 30fps. Sadly, it isn't good with in-camera stabilization, so I have to be my own stabilizer when freehand filming. The G7 shoots in RAW, which is one of its dope features that I prefer to shoot with.

Those of you who don't know what RAW imaging is, RAW imaging captures photos and videos where the camera doesn't process the picture. This allows for more flexibility within post production. You'll be able to get better depth into your videos and photos. If the photo or video is underexposed, you can bring up the exposure without damaging the quality. You also have more freedom with editing all the contrasts and colors. Giving images more detail and a sharp quality.

With the LUMIX G7, I've been shooting as many videos as possible. I make films for myself and for other people. The films for myself, my friends and I go out and make B Roll sequences, stories, and even just random video clips. A lot of these films that I make for myself, I post to YouTube and Instagram. The films I make for other people, I film commercials, Live feed, and regular films that they can use on websites. I call this part of my life, TimeFront Studios.

What is TimeFront Studios, 2018-Present

TimeFront Studios is a creative business that I started straight out of high school, summer of 2018. I am always working on projects for people. My favorite films to make are the ones that I shoot when traveling with Cole Williams Racing. Yes, that's my brother's race team. The reason for my love of these kinds of films; I'm able to film what I want, and create my own story for it. It's fun, it really is! My favorite jobs that I get are doing IMAG and LIVE feed. It's easy, simple, and I get to charge as much as I want. No one else around my area has the capabilities or knowledge about it. Plus I get to meet new people, and sometimes get more connections for future work. I don't think I will ever stop being a freelancer, due to it's benefits, and how amusing my work can get.

We have finally concluded our brief travel in time with a lot of details left out, due to wanting to save these stories for another time! I love sharing stories, and this is the first of many more to come! I hope that you will continue to read as I continue to post! So until next time, thank you!

Chase Williams
Chase Williams
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