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The Journey

by Harrison 2 months ago in career
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photography is my passion

The Journey
Photo by Lilly Rum on Unsplash

3-12-2021 (I began writing this essay)

Who would not want to pursue an educational career in photography? Being an artist is inspiring! I offer a perspective that most individuals do not consider.. Creating art from any genre: still life, street photography, documentary, landscape, nude, portrait, using a particular style- point of view, choice of lens, type of lighting, color of black and white. “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” -Ansel Adams

With no art galleries and museums to influence my photography, I looked to instagram creators. My current community of seven thousand followers of different arts and lovers of photography, pushed my curiosity to other creative hobbies: graphic design, creative writing, editing, painting, posing and fashion. My style of creating is two things. First, taking something like an everyday household item and making a photoshoot. Secondly, portrait photography that captures the subject's beauty or that can even tell a story. As an artist, I envision myself as a never-ending road. The road is filled with obstacles and paths, every path leads me to a new concept. Ideas constantly flow like busy traffic, and the never-ending possibilities of being a photographer with my camera on a road to creation gives me the urge to unleash and explore everything available to me.

My journey started at fourteen years old, when my grandmother gave me a camera, and my neighbors asked me to take some family photographs for them. Getting my hands on this camera sparked something inside me that would never burn out. I have taken thousands of pictures.. Been juried into two prestigious high school contests: the twelfth and thirteenth Annual West Tennessee Regional Student Art Exhibitions. Founded and became the president of the photography club, inspiring the minds of upcoming photographers. I often had people tell me to give up or to have a plan b with pursuing this career, I never let them get to me cause I was born an artist.

Growing up in a small town being the one young individual who wanted more than just a small side hobby, I wanted to branch out and blossom in a world of photography creating my own image. I did not want to have an everyday job and life of a community that limits my options as a young adult. Every morning, I wake up ready to continue my path as an artist.

I wish to pursue this career because it is more than just a camera; it is the person behind the camera telling their story through art. Every day is different. I get to be at different places and see different faces experiencing something different each time. I notice the details: trees, flowers, buildings, textures, people, and the colors change my perspective of the world as I see the beauty in everyday life.

Photography is a world that offers many opportunities and changes my perspective on life. My journey started young, and I have grown to continue my passion for art. The road is filled with obstacles and paths, every path leads me to a new concept. Ideas constantly flow like busy traffic and the never ending possibilities of being a photographer with my camera on a road to creation that urges me to unleash my inner artist. I cannot wait to see where this journey takes me.


Today, I have recently in the past few months realized a new self-worth and vison. I am young creative professional studying my craft of photography and on my way to live my dream. No matter where I had troubles or self-doubt, I know where I'll end up and I'm going to work hard. I hope you've enjoyed my story! I have lots of them...

instagram: @harryisjustanickname


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