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The Batwoman

by Chris Pagian 3 months ago in film
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DC is playing for real this time?

I had previously talked in the tweet about the merger of Warner DC and Discovery Brothers, the entire film business line in DC, has been a very big "shock", the newly appointed CEO David Zaslav is also the entire DC originally planned several projects to put forward their views, and even directly The new CEO David Zaslav is also to the entire DC originally planned several projects to put forward their views, and even directly "ordered" type of adjustment.

At present, we do not know, this time David's new official "three fires" ultimate effectiveness, but at least from this point of view, the "three fires" burned a little heartache.

Why do you say so?

On the one hand, is the earlier foreign media exposure of several media, Warner DC's plans will be more resources will be tilted to theatrical films, many DC many of the original plans for its streaming platform HBO Max development of streaming film projects will become a thing of the past.

On the other hand, many of the movies and episodes that have been produced will be completed, or have previously been set up, have been canceled one after another, including the "Batwoman" project that has already invested $90 million to be completed.

Earlier on, many fans, including me, were not too sure about DC Warner's "determination" to explore the $90 million cost of "Batwoman", but a recent announcement showed DC's determination --The latest news shows DC's determination.

Warner DC has deleted all the production materials of "Batwoman" from its servers!

This means that Warner DC's $90 million for "Batwoman" is all down the drain, or the kind that can't even hear a sound, all the production of the film part was completely deleted, for this reason, one of the film director Lal Farah recently interviewed directly angry to foul language: "We have nothing.

"We have nothing, another director Adil called me to hurry up with the phone to shoot everything, I rushed to get on the server and found nothing, we were feeling fuck Tm, we even Michael Keaton's Batman shots are not kept."

Can be directly angry to table foul mouth, compared to Lal Farah is also really angry, although this 90 million dollar is not his investment, at least for this film, a series of crew staff, actors, directors are paid not a small amount of effort of sweat, the result is that they are not even film footage can be saved, it was directly emptied.

It's no wonder people are cursing ~

I have to say, there is still some small heartache people director, but from here is also able to see, Warner DC this time may be to play, rather than waste 90 million dollars, but also to keep their few remaining DC movie reputation, which if placed in the past is a simply impossible thing.

After all, according to the previous DC inertia, even if the film is shot badly, can be online to make a wave of money, word of mouth, and so on in front of the box office can take a step back, but this time DC is different, the $90 million seems to be wasted, but if the DC film this rise, the $90 million is "spent" worth it, equal to Disguised investment to the subsequent DC film.

But if the DC movie continues to go the same way, or if all the changes that it has undergone now end up being empty, then this $90 million is the most expensive joke in the history of DC development, destined to be remembered by countless fans.

And in addition to "Batwoman" -

Has been affected by the incident of the lead actor Ezra Miller, DC's "The Flash" movie situation in the previous has been a lot of fans feel worried, but in a recent internal test screening feedback, the overall feeling to people is, very metaphysical!

Because some people say that the movie test screening feedback is very bad, but some people say that the feedback is very positive.

The typical ones that reflect that the movie was good are.

The information provided by ViewerAnon, a perennial tweeter who focuses on test screenings, is that the test version is 2 hours and 30 minutes long, and the worst comment about the movie is "it's very good", and no one he talked to said they didn't like the movie.

Another tweeter, DanielRPK, said that the test screening evaluation was okay, out of 10 points can be 6 to 7 points.

But when the three bugs with the frame exploded Mytimetoshinehello's update tweet is to say that

The Flash" movie recently conducted internal test screenings, and the feedback results from the last test screening were worse!

These comments honestly make people feel very confused, at present, DC is unlikely to choose to also "delete" "The Flash" movie, after all, the investment cost is a bit high, if you choose not to release it, maybe more pain is it, so in my personal opinion, regardless of the film situation, DC side should eventually be insisted The Flash" on the line.


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