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Taron Egerton clears up rumors

Wolverine's role in the news

By Chris PagianPublished 5 months ago 4 min read

For Marvel's follow-up "X-Men" series, although Marvel has not yet revealed any specific plans, for many fans, the concern for this series of IP has not stopped, and in the previous key role in this IP "Wolverine" was rumored to be a suspected candidate for the actor's news, the fan base's The attention of the fan base has been on the rise.

A typical example of this is the

In early July, the lead actor of "Kingsman", Taron Egerton, was revealed to have been in contact with Marvel executives, and at the time, Taron Egerton had also revealed several times that she was very interested in the role of "Wolverine".

This is the reason why this report is so difficult for many fans not to associate it with Marvel's "Wolverine" role actor candidate.

But recently, this rumor, which seemed to some fans to be "nailed on", seems to have taken a different direction, as Taron Egerton clarified in the latest "Happy Sad Confused" podcast that she was supposedly "in talks" with Marvel "Wolverine the role of the rumors of news.

Taron Egerton.

"The reality is that there's a lot of fantasy about it and about four years ago I had a regular meeting with Kevin and I said I love those movies and I'd love to do something and he said it would be great if I could find the right opportunity and I left and haven't spoken to him since and I check my email every five minutes and in that meeting I mentioned a character, but not this one (Wolverine), so from an objective point of view, nothing happened."

Apparently, according to Taron Egerton's meaning, the so-called communication with Marvel executives happened four years ago, and the role that Taron Egerton communicated with Marvel at that time was not Wolverine, and most of the so-called role candidate rumors were imagined by the fans themselves~

Good guys, I have to say -

The earlier rumors of communication between Taron Egerton and Marvel executives once made me feel that Marvel seemed to have chosen Taron Egerton as the actor for the role of Wolverine, after all, on the one hand, Taron Egerton herself had expressed her eagerness for the role of Wolverine several times, and on the other hand, besides her "face", Taron Egerton was quite suitable for the role of Wolverine. The role of Wolverine is quite suitable (dog head)!

And in this show, Taron Egerton is also immediately revealed again when he recently met with "Wolverine this Wolf" Hugh Jackman did not expect the topic of the "Wolverine" role.

"It's his role, isn't it? Of course, there's no such thing, if there was such a thing (in the role of Wolverine), I would talk to him about it, but we didn't."

So, now Marvel's selection of the "Wolverine" character actor has returned to a foggy state, and the fans who support their favorite candidate actors are back on the same starting line. The "mutant" is clear news.

This is also the reason why there will be 2 "reunion" series online in 2025, because 2025 is the expiration of the contractual obligations of the earlier Fox films on the X-Men character actors, before that Marvel is not to say that the X-Men series can not be shot, but the premise is to find the previous still within the contractual obligations The actors are under contractual obligations.

This is not possible for Marvel.

So, from the current point of view, Marvel needs to complete the integration of the existing stage of the comic book movie storylines and characters before 2025, so that after 2025 can have a more stable situation to be able to introduce the "mutant" storyline, so the odds are that the choice of Uncle Wolf such a core role, may have to wait until 2024 -2025 or so will go to announce the news.

And for now -

Taron Egerton still hopes to play this role, of course, the other "Harry Potter" Daniel Radcliffe, "the motherland" Anthony Starr, and even Keanu Reeves and so on also have a good chance.


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