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By Chris PagianPublished 5 months ago 6 min read

Nowadays, among the many movie genres in Hollywood, "super British" works have become the mainstream movie genre loved by many fans, for this reason, earlier similar "comic book movies are not movies" arguments are also a lot, but on the other hand To say, it is Marvel, DC such films have created a lot of Hollywood hot actor stars.

So, this is why many newcomers who want to break out in Hollywood today want to be able to join Marvel, DC and other super British IP film works.

But also, some people look forward to it, and some people choose to give up, so next, we will take a look at the development of Hollywood over the years, to the role of Marvel, for example, to see which actors have waved their hands to reject the role of Marvel.

[1] Spider-Man: Leonardo DiCaprio.

In fact, for many fans familiar with the Spider-Man movie, should be more or less heard, when Sony Pictures got the Spider-Man version, ready to start shooting "Spider-Man" movie, the first candidate is not what we later saw Tobey Maguire, but "Little Lee" Leonardo DiCaprio.

I can't help it, compared to today's "Water Gunman", the appearance of the small plum that year is called a heavenly ~

However, Leonardo DiCaprio turned to Sony Pictures and recommended his best friend, yes, is Tobey Maguire.

[2] Star-Lord: Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

As a "living treasure" in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the role of "Star-Lord" played by Chris Parratt is still relatively popular, especially in the "Silverado" series of quirky In the plot, however, some fans may not know that Chris Parratt almost did not even have the opportunity to audition for the role.

When Chris Parratt in size is a fat, once let the film director James Guinn do not want to see, but let people surprised is that eventually when both sides met with a trace of emotion, a conversation, "rolling guide" is directly and Chris Parratt as soon as possible.

But what's more interesting is.

When the role of Star-Lord, Marvel is a designated candidate, that is, I hope to let Joseph Gordon-Levitt play the role of Star-Lord, but because of the original Joseph Gordon-Levitt promised in advance "Sin City 2", so, in the slot can only eventually give up the role of Star-Lord.

[3] Nightmare: Matt Damon.

As the "man who grew potatoes on Mars", Matt Damon many mainland fans should not be unfamiliar, and in the year, Matt Damon was also invited to play the role of Marvel's "Nightmare", note that the film version of "Nightmare" is not the drama version.

However, to some extent, it can also be said that Matt Damon is lucky.

Because that year the "Nightmare" shot is really bad enough, once the actor Ben Affleck, who later played the film version of Nightmare, had a shadow on the role of super Britain, Ben Affleck even had a public occasion to say that the film version of "Nightmare" is his most regrettable next role.

So, for Matt Damon, despite having said that he liked the role of Nightcrawler, but because he was not too familiar with the director, afraid of a bad fit, eventually declined, it is some luck, but now Matt Damon is also considered to join Marvel in disguise.

Many fans who like the "Thor" series, should be clear, Matt Damon has been in the "Thor 3-4" and has played the drama version of Loki, it seems, Matt Damon's play children are still quite happy.

[4] Laser Eye: Talon Edgerton.

For Taryn Edgerton, recently quite busy, first online rumors that he has talked to Marvel executives, may play the role of Wolverine, but finally, Taryn Edgerton himself came out to debunk the rumors, said no matter ~.

But for Taryn Edgerton himself, earlier also more than once publicly said, they quite like Wolverine this role, but also very hopeful to play this role.

However, at present, Marvel has not taken a position that is, after all, according to previous predictions, Marvel for the "X-Men" series of public news at the earliest to about 2024 will have the first signs.

But for Taryn Edgerton, although it is not known whether there is a chance to join Marvel, in earlier years, when the "X-Men" copyright was still in the hands of Fox films, Taryn Edgerton had the opportunity to play the role of X-Men "Laser Eye".

This point Taryn Edgerton himself has also publicly revealed.

However, at that time, according to Taryn Edgerton's own words, the reason why he declined the role of "Laser Eye" is that Taryn Edgerton did not want to play a role in the film can not even see the eyes, so the role was later taken by Tye Sheridan.

[5] Black Widow, Agent Carter: Emily Blunt.

Not many actors can make Marvel successively with different roles invited, and Emily Blunt is one of them.

When Marvel was shooting "Iron Man 2", for the role of "Black Widow" actor selection, originally wanted Emily Blunt to play the role, the reason for this choice, on the one hand, because Emily Blunt's actor temperament style is more compatible with the Blaidow, on the other hand, because at that time, Emily Blunt is also considered a red letter when the character. Bronte is also considered a red word when the head.

But unfortunately.

At that time, Emily Blunt took over the "Gulliver's Travels", eventually because of the schedule, Emily Blunt can only give up the role of Marvel offer, and in the future, Marvel in the shooting of "Team America", for the role of Agent Carter, again thought of Emily Blunt.

However, this time Emily finally declined, not because of scheduling conflicts again, but because Emily believes that the role of Agent Carter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is not heavy enough.

But interestingly, now Emily Blunt's husband is one step ahead of her to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, that is, earlier in the "Wanda's family" in the role of "Mr. Fantastic" actor John Karasinski, for this reason, there are fans look forward to the follow-up Marvel's new "Fantastic Four", the couple can have the opportunity to play together. But I can only say that the odds are not great.

In addition to the above, many actors have rejected the role of Marvel many actors have rejected "Wolveinne", Jason Momma who rejected "Drax the Destroyer", Tom Cruise who rejected "Iron Man", Jaquan Phoenix who rejected "Strange" and so on.

I hope to follow up in the Marvel multi-film universe, there is a chance to see them one day join Marvel in the form of other characters.


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