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Some Creative Ways to Use Old Photos

by Shahbaz Ali 11 months ago in how to

Fun ways to display your old photos around the house

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I’ve rounded up a number of the foremost creative, fresh, and fun ways to display your old photos around the house so they really become a feature instead of fading into the background.

Round Cardboard Frames

This idea is showing creativity at its best: hold on to your empty towel and toilet rolls to create these easy and clever frames of changeable sizes. If you’re not an acquaintance of the natural color just paint both the within and outdoors before adding the photo. You'll even funk it up a touch by painting the within and out of doors two different colors.

Shadowbox Magnets

Instead of hanging your photos on the wall, why not go old style and put them on the fridge? I absolutely adore this small shadowbox idea because you'll be able to include some bits and bobs to feature an entirely new dimension and quality to the one you love snaps.

Photo Clock

So in addition to the fact that you are ready to organize your preferred pictures on your wall, yet you'll have the option to really transform a simply visual showcase into a useful clock! I reasonably wish I had considered this one before. Use any way you would like for this idea. You can also use canvas and frames to showcase your photos.

Recycled Door

This project is, by far, my absolute favorite. The repurposed door is just incredible and creative, and that I love the clever, smart thought of multiplying it up as a coat rack. Now I must get to a secondhand store to search out myself the proper door!

Chalkboard Wall

Instead of framing each picture and hanging them up, you'll be able to really let the creative juices flow by painting a wall with chalkboard paint, and so drawing your own frames to match your photos. This can be such an original thanks to exhibiting your photos while adding some context to them, and that I love the undeniable fact that you'll be able to change it as you wish.

Hanging Chalkboard Frame

I’m a sucker for chalkboard paint in crafts, and also the creative nature of this project really is simply so great and attractive. In a different way to run with this concept is to feature lots over just three photos, and so write a bit personalized description or note around each.

Photo Collage

I love this collage idea because it's like one massive frame, but it’s actually just photos stuck on a foam core board and sealed in with Mod Podge. Since the instance photos are in color I prefer the black background, but if you discover a color that ties all of your photos together then don’t be afraid to travel for it.

Geometric Wiring

This is an extremely fresh and modern thanks to boasting your prized photos. The geometric design is fabulous, and there’s most flexibility within the idea: you'll be able to create an identical shape, otherwise you can go wild and make something totally different, sort of a chevron pattern or a more traditional shape.

Postcard Racks

Whenever I travel, I always confirm to require some postcards from those wire racks (either to hoard or actually create something beautiful) as mementos of the trip. This incredible project channels that very same idea, thus making it the proper display for all of your traveling photos!

Photo Mobile

The versatility of this photo mobile is what really attracts me; you'll be able to hang all types of shapes and cutouts from any paper style or color that suits you and your home. If you prefer projects that actually offer you that room to spread your creative wings, then this one could be a must.

A creative way to use old photos at a wedding

I really like weddings and feel that incorporating pictures into your wedding or reception décor may be a wonderful thanks to sharing your special occasion together with your family and friends. Whether you would like to display pictures of your families otherwise you want to showcase your relationship from the primary day to the marriage day, these wedding photo display ideas are for you are having an indoor wedding or an outdoor wedding like a beach wedding or a backyard wedding, you can easily use these creative ideas of using old photos at your wedding.

Floral Hoop Photo Board

A hula band, some paint, and strip are all you really should make this dazzling botanical circle photograph board. You essentially paint the hula loop in whatever shading you wish thus use a strip to go through the hula band and hold your photographs. I like the botanical embellishments on either side of the ring, despite the fact that you'll skip this and use burlap or anything you wish to coordinate your wedding style. this idea of hoop photo board will look beautiful at a beach wedding.

Reception Table Centerpiece Photo Display

Here’s another great centerpiece concept that incorporates your photos into the look. If you have got a floral centerpiece, just use tiny clothespins to carry photos on your centerpiece. Or, you'll dangle ribbon down from the leaves or stems of your flowers and connect your photos like that.

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