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Slices of momentum

by POETSKY about a year ago in camera
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Captured to revisit, to share, to evoke

A stranger on my travels

a picture speaks a thousand words. that is why I love them. a picture can remind you vividly of a fleeting moment. they can jog your memory and take you back in time. you can capture a moment as the BFG captures dreams. photographs also are a great way to share memories and moments especially ones harder to describe with many fine details which erode over time and subsequent experience, in our mental archives. Pictures are great for sharing, almost as great as sharing a meal. In a way they are like meals, as they can sometimes be considered "food for thought". they can be very evocative to thoughts and emotions. feelings and mindsets. Pictures certainly all carry a feeling, or an energy, a vibe, which tells a story of a time which is now, past and gone, yet preserved, in the form of a key to unlock and recollect. A momento. Pictures help us to share different perceptions with one another, and to share moments of life which may otherwise be missed. art of all kinds, wedding albums, TV coverage of "xyz". This is why I love to take photographs. I am by no means a professional, neither am i skilled to any meaningful degree. I simply use a camera phone, and I simply point and shoot. my aim is to attempt, to capture, the essence of whatsoever stokes my interest, my curiosity, my sense of appreciation or wonder or awe, or that which stokes my sense of humor even. I have at times used a sort of semi crossover camera, but with no knowledge or experience to get the best out of it. I can however say I have taken some interesting and cool shots. more than anything, I capture a moment, a feeling, a connection of some sort. I love to share my photos because there are only two reasons to take any. 1... is to remember, and 2... is ultimately to share that memory. Sharing is caring and so if the energy of a picture is good to me I believe it may be good for others. Camera phones can hold their own in terms of capturing memories. A camera phone will not give the top quality and the full control over as much as a quality camera can, but they can sure capture a moment. They are pretty good at sharing too. the wildlife shots I am sharing have been obtained over quite a few years now, literally just along the way. either on holiday or on a lunch break etc, out in the city or in the countryside etc. Quite a few are pet photos and some were taken during a trip to a safari park ( ). from insects, to birds, to domestic cats and dogs, to brown bears, I've thrown a bit of everything in there as much as possible. I find if there's any knack at all to taking a picture (aside from having the skills and the camera to level up your game), it would be that, the moment comes to you and you must be ready to capture it. this is how to capture a moment and thus a great picture or memory that just has to be shared. It comes to you, you seize it. for me that's all I do. That's how I captured every single one of these shots. if you happen to see a pose, it was given to me. there is no other method I use. it could also be called luck, being in the right place at the right time and just possessing an eye for whatever it may be. ok I admit, sometimes I may seek some particular vantage point or another or seek out a perspective I wish to convey, but the moment always comes to me.

Horses use their ears, eyes and nostrils to express their mood. They also communicate their feelings through facial expressions.

Another stranger


And another

"get my good side"

Riding in Kefalonia
Kitten Love (generic nickname)

"just back up, while I finish this tasty treat"

"Can't stop, the Magpies are after me"

"can a cat get a bit of rest these days?"

"oh go on on then I'll give you one...cheeeeese"

Caught cat napping!

Strays on the beach (Akrotiri)

Pooch!.....Shhhhh... what's that?......

Poochie (everyone's best friend)

Tia! A chip of the old block (pooch)
"sorry, my bad. I didn't know you was sitting here"

("don't order any fish")

Bluewater shopping center

".say..nice lunch You've got there!"

"I'm not going anywhere until you share"

"thanks for the vantage point"

"we're watching you"

"look at e"

Shawn the sheep (Cumbria)

Birds at Woburn

England's southcoast
These chickens shared this area with two dogs!

"...give us this day, our daily bread..."
Mountain goats (Kefalonia)

Goats on the go (Kefalonia)
"take a picture. it will last longer!"
"To be. Or not to the money supermarket advertisement?"

A seemingly lone wolf

50 laps and counting

"who let you in here?"

"play it cool guys. they may wind down a window"
"wasn't me. dont even know what a windscreen wiper is"

cheeky monkeys

tried talking to this Donkey but he was unlike the one in Shrek

Creating a buzz

Busy bees

Sea lion
Sea lions

Black bears

Black bear




"Howdy partner"


"Hold on. I'm coming closer"

"not bad. but you only caught my head"

"get a shot of my good side"


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