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Sell Photos To Earn Money

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Earn Money With Photo Bombs

Earn Money With Photos

***Earn From Your Photos! (view mobile)***

5 Ways to Make Money With Your Photos.

You might think that you’re doing everything right by using your phone to take pictures of anything and everything. But the truth is, most people with a smartphone are making nothing from their photo taking endeavors. The majority of these photos will never be seen outside of the family album or simple Facebook post.

In this era of social media, it’s easy to feel like people are making money off of anything they do. If you want to make money with your photos, here are 5 ways you can get started.

Post your photos online

In the past, photographers or people with a blog would have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on developing photos and paying for layouts. Now, with the internet, you can create a free website in minutes and post your pics for the world to see.

If you have a blog, you can add your photos in categories for easy viewing. If you don’t have a blog, there are plenty of websites that will allow you to post your photos for free. You just need to create an account and upload your photos.

Sell your photos to a stock photo company


The majority of people don’t know this, but you can make money off of your photos through stock photography. Companies like Shutterstock offer a service where they license the rights to your photos for a set fee. You won’t get rich from these licenses, but it is an easy way to make some cash every month.

If you want to take it a step further, you could also use photo editing software like Photoshop to create new images based on what the client is looking for. This lets you sell an image that will be exclusive to that client.

You can find lots of information about how to get into this business. The key is doing research and setting up accounts with the right sites so that your photos are available in the right place for clients who are looking for them.

Sell prints of your photos

If you want to make money with your photos, the first thing you should do is sell prints. It can be as simple as buying a photo printer and printing your favorite memories on beautiful paper.

You don’t have to hire a professional or spend thousands of dollars on a photo printer. You can find an easy-to-use photo printer on Amazon for around $200. Pair this with a high-quality photo paper and you're set!

Selling prints of your photos is a great way to make some money from the pictures you take with your phone. With this method, you can sell them online or through local shops in your area.

You don't need to limit yourself to the type of photograph either. If you landscape photography hobby, sell those photos as well!

Advertise on social media

The most popular social media platform is Facebook. Facebook let’s you advertise directly on their site and even offers some free advertisement options.

You can use this platform to advertise your products and services while showcasing the best photos of these things. This way, you can make money with your photography without ever having to spend any money on taking new pictures.

If you’d like to get started with advertising, here's a helpful guide for creating an ad campaign on Facebook.

Sell your work as a photographer.

If you have a talent for photography, sell your work. Make sure to take the time to edit your photos until they are perfect before selling them.

***Earn From Your Photos! (view mobile)***

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