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Russell Brothers

by Chris Pagian 3 months ago in film
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Reunion Seniors

Along with Marvel's two derivative plays in August online date gradually approaching, Marvel is also recently exposed some of Marvel's other derivative works of news, which even includes the earlier defined as [limited series] "Moonlight Knight".

Without further ado, let's take a look at what's new.

[1] "Female Hulk" update date change.

Female Hulk" is Marvel's main spin-off in August, before "I am Groot" because each episode is only 4-5 minutes long, and still released all at once, so, at best, it is a small addiction to Marvel fans.

And the big head of the "female Hulk" plot positioning I will not say much, the previous tweet should be said, the only change is to update the time change -

The original online time for August 17 (Wednesday), was changed to August 18 (Thursday) online, and the subsequent weekly updates are all adjusted to Thursday updates, which is different from the previous Marvel spin-off's customary Wednesday updates.

The "moonlight knight" seems to have a sequel.

In the previous online "Moonlight Knight", Marvel's public positioning is "limited series", meaning that "Moonlight Knight" almost no possibility of a follow-up second season, but recently the first season director Mohamed Diab and star Oscar Isaac appeared together in a TikTok video, the video, someone asked "Moonlight Knight" whether there will be a second season, Isaac responded said.

"Why else would we be in Cairo?"

So, Moonlight Rider is getting a sequel?

The only regret is that this episode and the MCU linkage part is less, most or around the moonlight knight single-line development is the main, is not sure, if there is a season 2, will not be in the linkage to strengthen some.

[3] "Eternals 2" movie project is in operation?

Marvel's "Eternal Race" is considered a further extension of the worldview of the Marvel Universe. For the sequel to this previous work, Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige have not officially announced it, but previously actor Patton Oswalt (who plays Pip the Dwarf in Eternal Race) said in a program interview.

"They've announced there will be a sequel to Eternals, so hopefully there will be more adventures for 'Star Fox' and Pip."

So, this news may be the result of the actor's slip of the tongue. Perhaps, the original news will be announced at the D23 in September afterward, so we can wait a bit.

[4] Kevin Feige: "Deadpool 3" will have a new height.

Deadpool is an anti-hero character that many Marvel fans are quite fond of and compared to the previous 2 Deadpool movies, Deadpool 3 will be the debut of Deadpool after the character returns to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so both fans and Marvel itself have very big expectations for this character.

Recently Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds was also beginning a professional fitness trainer under the guidance of the "Deadpool 3" to resume fitness, and previously Marvel CEO Kevin Feige in an interview with the "Hollywood Reporter" also directly said.

"How can we go about enhancing Deadpool 3 like Team America 3, The Revenant 3, Thor 3?"

So, the follow-up "Deadpool 3" may surprise fans a bit in terms of surprise, because not only is it Marvel's first R-rated movie, but the Marvel characters that may be involved in it are estimated to be very significant.

Can look forward to a wave ~

【5】 Marvel CEO originally wanted to reunite in the "reunion 4" directly to destroy the initial generation of all the meta Avengers?

Marvel's "Reunion 4" directly took away the widow's sister and Iron Man, the United States team at the end of this movie chose to go back to life, and eventually died of old age, accompanied by Marvel fans who walked through more than 10 years of the role of one by one left, but also many fans feel uncomfortable.

But recently there are Russell brothers in an interview, also revealed the original Marvel idea -

Let the first generation of the reunion patriarch in the "final battle" all boxed!

"Kevin had some suggestions of his own on the showdown, he wanted to let the Avenger's first generation of six people all sacrificed, but we think this is too radical, the audience's emotions will not be accepted at once, you can pick one or two characters in the whole movie to make sacrifices, you can make an emotional catharsis in the middle of the movie, and then continue the narrative, and then add more emotional catharsis. "

The director chose these 2 people is also the Widow Sister and Iron Man ~

I have to say, in the role of the end of the treatment, Marvel's side is a more than hard before the news revealed that the Russell brothers are trying to get Iron Man off the line in "Team America 3", and now Kevin Feige directly want 6 people reunion, which is no one ~


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