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Marvel Universe of those odd settings

By Chris PagianPublished 7 months ago 4 min read

In the Marvel Universe, because of the general background positioning of the multiverse, so many times for some of the characters, including the details of the plot depiction of the big event, there are often some very strange settings, these strange settings may be from a character's ability, but also may be from the setting of a branching plot.

So, today we will briefly talk about those odd settings in the comic book: [1] Captain Marvel was born.

[1] Captain Marvel had given birth to his boyfriend?

In Marvel's many roles in the odd settings, maybe on the destruction of the index, Captain Marvel once gave birth to his boyfriend this matter, is estimated enough to blow up many people's three views.

In Marvel's original ancient comic, once set up a relationship between the conqueror - Kang's son Marcus and Captain Marvel, in the comic Marcus is the conqueror - Kang abducted a human woman after giving birth to a child in an interdimensional space, perhaps because of the special space of birth, therefore, Marcus was born and found himself only living in this interdimensional space and time, as for the space and time outside the interdimensional is simply unable to The time and space outside of this dimension is simply impossible to set foot.

Therefore, to break this rule, Marcus chose the way of being "reborn through a fetus", by luring women from another time and space to the space where they exist, and then Marcus used his ability to control his spirit to make the other party fall in love with him, and then through "deep communication "The way, let yourself through the other side in another time and space re-born once.

And in the original, the woman lured over is Captain Marvel, and according to Marcus's plan, Captain Marvel is also back in his own time and space and gave birth to Marcus, just born Marcus, perhaps because of the genes, in a very short period to complete the development process from baby to adult, after the Marcus again use their ability to erase the memory of Captain Marvel, and became Captain Marvel's Boyfriend ......

I have to say, this trick is no one!

[2] Uncle Tun gave birth to his daughter?

In the Marvel Universe, many characters have their offspring, and even many offspring are also the kind of son inheritance, but this setting in the "Uncle Swallow" planet devourer side seems to be going askew.

According to reason, Uncle Swallow itself is the multiverse gods, basically unlikely or necessary to have "offspring" this setting, but the comic book writers head a draw, set Uncle Swallow gave birth to his daughter, yes, as a male god of Uncle Swallow not only pregnant but also really gave birth.

Uncle Tun's daughter named Ghanata, and his father only want to do the bowl of rice different, Ghanata not only lives on the Earth, but also likes the Earth, the comics have also been several times to protect the Earth, and this is such a role, in the setting of the prototype is a "parasite" in the belly of Uncle Tun.

Because the body of Uncle Tun contains a huge amount of energy from the Big Bang, so, by absorbing the energy of cosmic rays in the body Uncle Tun, Ghanata gradually grows up and was finally born.

Ahem ~ in the male sexless reproduction thing, swallow uncle can be said to open up the Marvel Universe precedent.

[3] has a sword and gun but is afraid of injections?

In the Marvel Universe, the "gun and knife" setting is almost a bad street mode, many characters have this defensive attribute, typically "Luke Cage".

In the setting.

Luke started as a street gangster and was later framed by his childhood friend "Rattlesnake" and sent to prison, where Luke Cage participated as a volunteer in a super-soldier experimental project, and after strengthening with ability to be invulnerable to guns and swords.

In the setting, Luke has a frontal hard-to-carry machine gun fire are not afraid of the defensive power.

But this is such a defense bug, but has a rather odd weakness -

Luke is afraid of shots!

Luke was in the comics by Hawkeye and others asked to take a shot, but usually in the face of gunfire without blinking an eye Luke Cage, but in front of the syringe in Hawkeye's hand showed fear of panic face, until later he admitted that he was afraid to take a shot, which let the other Avengers release, but so far, Luke's fear of taking a shot has become a handle for other Avengers to tease him, the United States team has taken this to tease Luke Cage.

Of course!

Similar to these odd settings, in the Marvel Universe there are many, typically there is a parallel universe of Peter Parker was not bitten by the radiation spider, but accidentally bitten by a radiation sheep to become a grass-eating "Sheep Man".


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