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Why I find photography so cool

Taken by Jade Renteria

I just quit my job and I always wanted to travel. So I went aboard with my best friend. When I came back, I had awhile to think about what I want in life. Where do I want to be in the next 3, 4, or 5 years from now? So I decided to take a class to help me improve as I go to a different career path. I recently started taking a photography class online. First, I thought it's would be easy and that I would finish it sooner. As I get into the class with videos and assignment, I realized that it's was not easy but it's fascinating at the same time. To see the history and the art of the camera as they copied our eyes... The more I falls into photography, the more I learned to love it.

There are so many things I want to share about what I learned in the class but it's a lot so I will share few things that helped me. I hope it's help you to enjoy the art of photography like I do.

Taken by Jade Renteria

Photography have 3 main things that we used for all kinds of photos.

1) Aperture: it's control how much light go in and out. (Iris) the hole inside the camera lens that let in light. (more light=bigger aperture) * smaller=darker, bigger=lighter

2) ISO: the sensitivity of your camera's sensor to light (decrease or increase) * increasing too much ISO can cause digital noise/grain

3) Shutter Speed: moving object=faster shutter speed to "freeze" that object * a faster shutter speed=less light is let in, a slower shutter speed=more light is let in


There are many different terms that are used in photography such as exposure, metering, compensation, dynamic range, histogram, composition, balance & symmetry, and I can list more. But those are some terms examples.


There are different kinds of modes such as portrait mode, macro mode, landscape mode, sports mode, fireworks mode, beach/snow mode, night mode, monochrome mode, and panoramic mode. My personal favorite is portrait mode and monochrome mode. So cool!


I always thought that there is only one kind of camera (DSLR). Not until I learn about another kind of camera other than (DSLR). There are 2 different kinds of camera. (DSLR) and (mirrorless). What is the difference?

DSLR: Digital Single Lens Reflex = the mirror opens & closes to expose the sensor to the light * DSLR's viewfinder allows you to see everything in real time

Mirrorless camera: a camera with no mirror. It has a viewfinder that is actually an electronic display of what your sensor is seeing * a mirrorless camera actually show you a preview of the exposure of the photo based on your setting


Long exposure: Tip 1) increase your depth of field and F-stop Tip 2) find a focal point Tip 3) choose the right lens Tip 4) shoot at the right time * Golden Hour Tip 5) straighten your horizons

Low Light: Tip 1) know how high you can push your ISO Tip 2) know how low you can push your shutter speed Tip 3) shoot them 'wide open' and decrease F-stop Tip 4) use manual focus Tip 5) use stabilization (tripod)

Photo Editing: Tip 1) crop/make the image smaller before you exit Tip 2) healing brush to erase any dirt/scratch on the product Tip 3) edit the color balance (black and white) Tip 4) check details if needed Tip 5) add effect if wanted Tip 6) change/add white/or shadows Tip 7) rectangle/click exposure to remove any line

Macro: Tip 1) use a macro lens (50-60mm is good but 100mm give more options) Tip 2) choose a point of focus Tip 3) use a flash Tip 4) use a tripod

Street/Architecture: Tip 1) be aware of your surrounding Tip 2) stick to one focal length Tip 3) choose your own style Tip 4) look for lines Tip 5) tell a story

I really enjoy learning photography. The lesson that I'm taking really helps me a lot. So this lesson notes are from the class that I'm taking. Hope this helps you guys. I hope you guys enjoy this. Thank you.

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