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Photograph Your World from a Global Point of View, and Capture it with a LensBall.

LensBall Photography Accessory for the Amateur to Professional

By victoria patricoloPublished 2 years ago 6 min read
Photograph Your World from a Global Point of View, and Capture it with a LensBall.
Photo by Melvin on Unsplash

Becoming a great photographer takes a lot of practice and knowledge about lighting, perspective, and a steady hand. If you’re an amateur like me, using a LensBall helps your photography stand out and get noticed. It gives you that extra edge over the others. If you’re lucky you may even come across as you know what you’re doing.

Having a hobby or special interest creates a wonderful balance in your life. It provides a purpose, keeps your stress level to a minimum, and if you plan it right it could result in a residual income or even become a full-time gig. Photography offers the creative explorer the opportunity to view the world in a unique scope.

My passion for travel led me to travel blogging. I began blogging during the pandemic two years ago and haven’t stopped. I love it. I found a purpose and reason to blog about a subject I enjoy, which is sustainable tourism.

I use my iPhone for all my images and videos. I certainly don’t claim to be a professional photographer or videographer. It’s my words and how I say them that is my passion. As long as you have that desire to create and be creative you can learn the best techniques to draw in your viewers. Most importantly do it for you and only you. Do what you like, not what others expect you to do.

Experimenting with iPhone gadgets and travel gear has become a fun part of my blog. I get a charge out of investigating and finding the best products and the proper way to use them to get the most out of your purchase. See my other articles on the Perfect Weekender Bag, Trekking Poles, and the Gem of the Caribbean.

80mm LensBall

The LensBall company is the original crystal ball photographic accessory. They have been around since 2017. Over 1,000,000 photographers use LensBall. From a professional photographer to a hobbyist. Many will share their photos on the LensBall Facebook group.

There are endless ways to use the LensBall and capture the most unusual angles and perspectives. The product I am using is the original LensBall. They are headquartered in the Netherlands. I purchased the original size, which is the Pro - 80mm. It costs in the range of USD $70.00 at the time of purchase. There are different sizes available. There are also a few accessories like stands and/or tripods. I will usually balance my LensBall on an object or hold it to my camera lens. The delivery took a while, over a month, but their customer service kept in touch and let me know the status of my purchase and the estimated time of arrival. I also use the SHOP app, which is amazing for tracking all your orders from Amazon to independent websites.

There are endless ways to use the LensBall. They also offer an inexpensive course to watch to get the most out of your LensBall purchase. Not only that you can share your images with other LensBall aficionados on their website or hashtag their Instagram, and Facebook accounts. I submitted a handful of my shots prior to writing this article.

Take the LensBall to the beach and on hikes. View a simple object like a flower or leaf through the LensBall. (the flower images are from my backyard). It’s perfect for any season, the LensBall can capture a cold Winter morning or a hot summer day. Look for colorful objects or patterns to capture a unique design that bursts through the lens.

flower from the garden

You can focus on an image that is up close or far away. The glass sphere acts like a fisheye lens and gives your subject that global view.

Once you start using the LensBall with your camera or phone it’s addicting. All of a sudden you're looking for new angles and ways to create unique and exciting images.

I plan on taking my LensBall everywhere this year. I can imagine city lights at night or a sunset over the lake. I promise you’ll be walking down the street or gazing out the window and thinking. “That would make a great LensBall image.” Just be careful at the airport. Going through TSA I was tagged and they had to search my bag. On the way home I took it out of my bag and placed it in the bin in full view and had no issue. I live in a lake community and we have a FB photography site. Purely for amateurs, but some of my neighbors take the most amazing photos. I’m always jealous of their shots. Everyone has a different take or view of our lake. Not that I’m competitive or anything but I certainly plan on sharing my LensBall images with my neighbors.

Imagine some of the great photos you can take of the city at night. Or even during the holidays with all the lighted trees and decorations. Close-up images to faraway landscapes the LensBall will open your creativity to a whole new level.

Simple Techniques to Try with Your LensBall.

The Split - Place the LensBall on a solid-colored surface and view it from the halfway mark. Or hold it up to the sky and capture the horizon line. It splits the image through the sphere in half.

The Waterdrop - If you look at the image in the winter scene. It looks like the LensBall is almost like a drop of water or fluid. I took this aiming at a tree in my backyard on a winter morning just after it snowed.

Words - Try laying the LensBall over a sheet or magazine, watch the letters increase in size, and create a distorted photo of the letters.

Distorted Angles - Hold up the LensBall to any building or object with unique angles.

The Color Wheel - Hold the LensBall up to any colorful object. See the carousel shot. I’m sure I could have done a better job with this, maybe if I had a tripod or something to balance the LensBall. But what a great subject!

By Shivam Mistry on Unsplash

LensBall Choices.

The Pro - 80mm, is the original crystal ball. Use your smartphone or professional camera. Easy to hold and fits in your hands like a glove.

The Lensball Pocket - 60mm perfect for those always on the move. Fits in your backpack or camera bag.

Edition LensBall Ultimate - 100mm great for capturing those wider shots.

Accessories For Your LensBall.

The best accessory is manually holding the LensBall in front of the camera and capturing the shot.

Wood Stand. Made of cherry wood, handcrafted. Natural and elegant.

The Crystal Stand. A solid cube of k9 crystal that looks seamlessly with your LensBall.

The Bag. Every LensBall comes with a microfiber bag. This is a sturdier professional carry bag.

The Rubber LensBall Mount. This mount can attach to any tripod - keeps the ball steady.

The Deluxe Stand. An aluminum display

By Vlad Kiselov on Unsplash

Cleaning and Care of your LensBall.

Keeping the lens clean and free of smudges will ensure the lens will get the best light reflection. The cloth you use to clean your glasses will do the trick.

There are only so many pictures of tropical beaches with waving palm trees you can look at, so why not try to make your images a little different and interesting on your next trip. Look at your view from a new perspective.

You don’t even have to like photography that much to benefit from this gadget. It can give almost any photo a unique flare.

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  • Kylara2 years ago

    Thanks for sharing. It is a pretty good summery and I am considering buying a LensBall now as well :)

victoria patricoloWritten by victoria patricolo

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