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Most Useful iPhone X Photography Tips

Master the art of iPhone X photography using these tips—and get your Instagram to the next level!

By Mackenzie Z. KennedyPublished 7 years ago 5 min read

The iPhone is one of the best inventions photography has ever seen, and to a point, it's one of the biggest reasons why Instagram has become as popular as it is. There have been entire movies shot on an iPhone 5, and considering their success, it's safe to say that iPhone X photography will allow you to get better photos than ever before.

These days, many Instagram models no longer rely on professional photographers to get their quality photos. At times, you just need the right iPhone X photography tricks to get the best shots.

Here are the best tips for anyone looking to bolster their iPhone photography skills or possibly make photos worth paying for using your new phone, according to the experts.

Don't hesitate to use photo editing apps to get the most out of your shots.

Look, there's always a way to make your photos look even better; that's why there's really no such thing as a perfect photo. There are plenty of apps that can help you edit out blemishes, improve coloring, or just add cool features.

Heck, even using the Instagram or Snapchat editing features can help boost your photo's beauty. There's a reason why filters are popular, after all.

Learn your lighting.

We already know about Portrait Lighting and Portrait Mode on older versions of iPhones, so we're going to skip those in this article. After all, you probably already mastered it.

The cornerstone of mastering iPhone X photography comes from learning which lighting mode you should use when taking a shot. The iPhone X has five different new lighting modes. Here's what each lighting mode does:

  • Natural: Puts the subject in focus while it also moves to blur the background, has an average amount of light. Natural light photography tends to work the best for shots that are supposed to look natural.
  • Studio: Studio lighting gives you bright lighting that tends to fill out imperfections and help improve your overall look. Studio is a good setting when you want to boost your confidence via Instagram shots, since it's so flattering.
  • Contour: This is a bright light that offers dramatic shadowing. So, if you're looking to add mood, this is how you do it.
  • Stage: You're in the front, in a bright light—the background turns black. So, it's a lot like a standard broadway headshot.
  • Stage Light Mono: This is like Stage Light, but in dramatic black and white. This really takes advantage of how good the telephoto lens is in the iPhone X, too.

Learn to love the Loop function.

Part of learning how to add some extra kick to your iPhone X photography is learning to animate your photos. Currently, there are three different animation settings you can choose.

  • Loop: This sets your photo into a loop playback.
  • Bounce: Plays things back and forth, rather than looping it.
  • Burst: Captures 10 frames per second for really action-packed, excitement-inducing animated shots.
  • Time Lapse: This isn't an animation setting, but it does add some pretty cool effects. Basically, this takes an average of shots via a time lapse function, so you end up being blurred in a flattering way.

Don't be afraid of silhouettes.

Not too long ago, there was a time when taking silhouette shots with your cellphone would look like a blurry, crappy mess. This time, thankfully, is long gone. Now, silhouette shots bring out sharp contrast, strong lines, and serious emotions in photos.

That being said, silhouette photos are really good for bringing out someone's figure, too. Get creative, and you'll find your shots to be way better than you expected.

Negative space is your friend.

You don't need to have a photo that's filled to the brim with action to have a great shot. Having blank space is a good way to draw your eyes to a specific point in your picture—and that's why it's so in vogue right now.

The thing is, minimalist photos work beautifully with the sharp resolution iPhone cameras offer. As such, minimalist photos with a single item and loads of blank space are a great way to bring out your iPhone X photography skills in a simple, stately way.

Don't be afraid of taking a photo from a lower angle.

A lot of people tend to shoot from chest level or higher, simply because it's convenient—and because conventional wisdom says that people tend to look better when the camera shoots from above.

Admittedly, that conventional advice does help slim down features and highlight your eyes. However, this isn't about taking good photos; it's about taking great ones.

The cool thing about iPhone X photography is that the camera's technology helps smooth things out. When you combine that with the fact that taking a shot from a lower angle can help hide things like double chins or large foreheads, you've got a decent angle to experiment with.

Additionally, it's worth pointing out that a lower angle can be heavily experimental in nature. So, you may want to try it out if you're looking for an artsy way to work your magic.

Of course, overkill can happen with any feature.

Over-filtered photos are a thing—as are photos taken from too extreme an angle. Use common sense and play around with them so that you work with what tools you have. Otherwise, all the iPhone X photography tips you can get will not work.

Learning to pose and playing with different props will help you do a lot better with selfies.

Want to hear a modeling secret that people never guess? Most models do not naturally wake up and take great photos. It's true; I know, because I used to model professionally.

Professional models often will spend hours every day, trying out different poses to see what works well with their bodies. If you're a freelance model, then you also will end up spending hours upon hours learning makeup tips and figuring out how to use props.

If you want to take great pictures of yourself, or teach others how to pose for your own photos, doing this will help hone your skills. This is true with iPhone X photography and traditional photography alike.

The best shots are the ones you plan out.

A good rule of thumb with photography is that a lot of shots will end up being great regardless—especially with action shots. However, if you're looking to get great pics that have an artistic flair to them, you will need to put in some thought when it comes to the scene, the lighting, the angle, and possibly even the frame of the shot.

It sounds like work, but it doesn't have to be. But, that's the cool thing about iPhone X photography: you get to plan, explore, and develop your own artistic talent through its use.

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