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Most Essential Digital Camera Accessories

Camera Accessories

By Syed ImranPublished 3 years ago 3 min read


In this article we have covered some of the most essential digital camera accessories needed for professional or amateur photographers that can help them protect their gear and enhance their photography.

Do you have a Digital Camera and want to know which accessory should I buy now? You’ve come to the right place. We are listing here the must have digital camera accessories for every photographer to enhance their photography. So, read on.

Camera Bags:

Camera Bag will not only protect the camera and its gears, it will also make it easy to carry around with it. So it is necessary choose wisely before purchasing one, that it can fit the camera and accessories you currently have, or you may have in mind for future purchase.

Camera Neck, Shoulder or Wrist Strap:

Camera Straps are important as they not only free you from the hassle of carrying it in your hand, but also protect the camera from falling accidently. There are three common types of straps for camera, which are neck strap, shoulder strap and wrist strap. They come in different styles and various colours to choose from.

Memory Cards:

Generally, memory card comes with the Digital camera to store the captured pictures and videos. But they have limited memory. It is wise to keep 1 or 2 extra memory cards to have a save side from running out of memory space or if the card gets faulty.

Additional Camera Lenses:

Normally digital camera comes with standard zoom lens, which is great for starters. But as the time progresses and you get experience in photography; at some time you will feel that the standard lens is not enough to get you the result you want. Then you need separate lenses for wider landscape photography and macro lens for close-up shot or smaller objects. Additional lenses enhance the capacities and picture qualities of Digital camera. There are two main categories of camera lenses that are Prime Lens and Zoom Lens. In both of these categories, more subcategories of lenses exist with different characteristics and features that can provide more versatility to your photography.

Camera Filters:

Camera filters helps reduce light, minimize reflection and glare, enhances colours and overall look of the picture. There are many camera filters available of specific purposes. The most popular are neutral density filter and polarizing filter.


Tripod is very useful for any kind of photography where camera needs to be completely still. It keeps the camera to be at exactly the correct angle for longer amount of time. Portrait, Landscape and Product photography often requires multiple shots of same scene. That’s where tripods are extremely useful.

Spare Batteries:

Spare batteries come handy when you don’t have time or place to charge the camera battery. This way you may miss out some important clicks. Spare batteries not only save you from this regret, but also allow you shot while the other battery charges in the meantime.

Camera Cleaning Kit

Although cameras have built-in coating and internal mechanism to maintain the cleanness of the camera lens and sensors. But, over the time the dust particles can squeeze into it. So cleaning is required occasionally to keep the gear last long. Camera cleaning kits are widely available to make the job easier and safe.

Flash Light:

Although most digital cameras come with built-in flash light, but external flash can be handy in many situations mainly where the light is dim.

There are many other digital camera accessories like flash diffuser, remote releases, reflectors etc. exists, but we have tried to cover the most essential ones in this article.


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