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Marvel's "Odd 2" had envisioned the villain

by Chris Pagian 3 months ago in film
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The film's villain boss

In Marvel's previous "Odd 2" movie early script planning, the villainous boss involved is not today's Wanda, in the initial "Odd 2" movie information to do interpreted, when all the information implied that the film's villainous boss is "Nightmare".

But later, for some reason, Marvel did not adopt the "Nightmare boss" version of the idea but used the "Wanda blackened" setting, and recently Ryan De Silva released a set of "Odd 2" concept art, which shows the original version of the villain existing in Scott Derrickson's script "Nightmare", the Book of Vishanti and the Book of Darkness design drawings, as well as a variety of unused magic weapons.

At the same time -

The set design of the movie set revealed together, showing a frozen lake, presumably the same as the lake where Strange's sister Donna Strange drowned, and even, in the concept scene, also showed Strange confronting the Nightmare, a scene in which the Nightmare rides a horse and wears a similar battle armor to the Dark Knight.

If this version of the plot were to shoot, the odds should show Strange's inner remorse for the death of his sister, perhaps it is this sense of regret, and remorse that has become Strange's inner nightmare, which allows Strange to be taken advantage of by the Nightmare.

However, for this Strange inner self-analysis and the setting of the Nightmare dimensional lord, in the final version of "Odd 2" choice was abandoned, but this does not mean that in the subsequent "Odd 3" movie there is no opportunity to come online, after all, in the Marvel setting Nightmare and Dormammu similar, belong to one of the Marvel extra-dimensional lords.

And from the "Odd 2" end egg, the appearance of Keli makes the subsequent plot will inevitably involve the plot of Marvel sub-dimensional lords, can not guarantee that Marvel will let Nightmare online.

Of course!

For the nightmare lord, in the original Marvel setting, the origin is not very clear, it's own ruling the entire dream dimension, in the identity of the nightmare is considered "eye devil" one of the servant lords, it is worth mentioning that in the role characteristics of the nightmare can be defeated, but can not be destroyed!

This is because the nightmare itself represents the entire Marvel Universe's "dream" attribute, in theory, as long as the entire Marvel Universe still dreams, the nightmare can not be destroyed in an absolute sense, and it is for this reason, that the source of the power of the nightmare from the fear of emotions generated by biological nightmares.

As long as the more nightmares do, the more fear emotions felt, the more powerful the nightmare.

Interestingly enough -

Nightmare itself is also his offspring, according to the original Marvel setting, Nightmare once had a one-night stand with a female demon, for which the latter female demon gave birth to a daughter for Nightmare, which is later the Queen of Dreamland.

In the setting, the Queen of Dreams is almost omnipotent in her dream realm, from the molecular level of reshaping matter to the creation of living beings can do, but this ability will be weakened on Earth.

Back to the nightmare itself.

Nightmare the role has had its high moments but also had low points, and even Nightmare also opened a "fear club" on Earth, where each club customer can face their innermost nightmares, and as the boss of this club, Nightmare will often dress up as a human named Edward to solicit customers, and Nightmare for the horror film actors have a good feeling, during the operation of the club The nightmare has had a relationship with a horror film actress.

However, for the plot of Nightmare itself set.

In the Marvel Universe in the presence of actually not very strong, in most cases less than Dormammu such a Strange series of stories "regulars", in most cases the appearance, are derived from the dimensional lord episodes together to get things done.


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