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Marvel 2025 even on 2 "reunion"

The seventh stage of mutants

By Chris PagianPublished 5 months ago 3 min read

In this San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel announced in detail the planning time point of many IPs of the fifth stage, roughly speaking about the sixth stage of several works.

And in this let many fans surprised is that, compared to the fifth stage of film and television works, the sixth stage of Marvel directly in 2025 ready to line 2 "reunion" system works, respectively, "reunion 5: Kang's dynasty" and "reunion 6: secret war".

You know, these 2 IPs from the perspective of the original Marvel, each is with a very large plot gold, especially the latter "secret war" is with multiple versions of the plot, small to the Earth's internal play, large to destroy the multiverse as the premise of experiments beyond the god's plot, almost everyone can be a separate Infinite Saga" is comparable to the main line of the large stage chapter.

But this time, Marvel is planning it to the unit series, which is also directly caused by the confusion of many Marvel fans, many fans more generally a consensus is that Marvel this time "give people the feeling of a little haste", seems to want to go relatively quickly to tell the 4-5-6 stage of the big event "multiverse The saga".

From the current point of view, Marvel has not explained why the second phase of the cinematic universe "film event" progress will be so fast, but earlier Marvel CEO Kevin Feige did say this to reporters: "It was never meant to be.

"It's never been about being big for the sake of being big, but you know, the fact is that when we were doing phase one, phase two, and phase three, there was a lot of time, but there were very few projects, and they were all smaller projects and stories with a few characters.

From Kevin Feige's perspective, the first three phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe spanned nearly 11 years back and forth, but there wasn't a lot of work, partly because Marvel was still figuring things out, and partly because there weren't enough platforms at the time.

But after the Disney streaming platform online, Marvel has enough space to play, At the same time, Marvel can not only shoot movies but can also shoot derivative plays, and because of the common worldview, the original a to be given to the film to render the pavement of the plot now can be achieved by streaming derivative plays, which makes the 4-5-6 phase of time became shorter, the content became more.

Of course!

In my opinion probably one of the most crucial points of Kevin Feige's point is the last sentence "(We) got the character back from Fox ......"

All clear, here to get back is the Marvel mutant series, whether for Marvel or fans, the introduction of the mutant branch in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is just a matter of time.

But apparently, at present Marvel wants to bring this time slightly earlier!

Why do you say so?

Previously there was news that.

Previously, the Disney side acquired the 20th Century Fox Film Corporation's contractual obligations to the cast of the X-Men series, and it is reported that this 'obligation' will remain in effect until 2025!

A brief explanation of this contractual obligation, in general terms, means that

During the contract period, each contract corresponds to the role and the actor has uniqueness, which means that if Marvel wants to shoot the "X-Men" series of live-action movies during the contract period, the corresponding role must use the original actor.

In other words, if Marvel wants to shoot Uncle Wolf, then, it may have to use Hugh Jackman to play ~

In contrast, Marvel can not go to the film recasting, shooting, publicity, or production, the reason for this, but also because the timing of this contractual obligation coincides with the end of the sixth phase of Marvel time, and Marvel is coincidentally in this year on line 2 consecutive "reunion" series, it is difficult not to let people associate.

And if Marvel ends up as we guess so, intended to love that the end of the sixth phase fits into the Fox X-Men actor's contractual obligations time node, then, Marvel's version of the "X-Men" series of mutant IP most likely should be in 2026, the seventh phase began to come online one after another.


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