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'Magic Eraser' feature in Google Photos is now part of the Google One subscription service

'Magic Eraser' feature in Google Photos

By Shahid AnwarPublished about a year ago 3 min read

The one of the best features of the Google Pixel, Magic Eraser, is now available on other Android and iOS devices as well. However, it will not be free. Earlier today, Google announced that the popular image cleaning tool, which uses artificial intelligence to remove unwanted content, will become available to Google One subscribers as well as existing Pixel owners. Additionally, Google One subscribers will receive a handful of other editing tools, including a new HDR video effect, exclusive collage styles, and more.

It was originally intended as a way to pay for additional cloud storage for things such as Photos, Docs, and Gmail, but gradually evolved into more than that. There have since been many expansions to the service, and it is now a broader suite of features, which now includes a VPN, as well as other members-only features like the ability to hold longer video calls on Google Meet, 10% cashback on Google Store purchases, extended trials, and other premium Google Photos features, such as Portrait Light, which allows you to soften the background and adjust the brightness and position of the light on the subject's face.

By Daniel Romero on Unsplash

With the rollout of Magic Eraser and other new additions, Google Photos is once again expanding its exclusive set of perks with its newly launched Magic Eraser app and other new features.

There is now a version of Magic Eraser that is available for all Google One subscribers on both Android and iOS, formerly available only to Google Pixel 6 and 7 owners. It will also be available for Pixel 5a and older Pixel phones, without the need for a Google One subscription. Even though there are other third-party apps that provide object removal capabilities, Magic Eraser integrates this function into the main Photos app on Android devices — and it is also the app many iPhone users prefer over Apple's Photos, too.

As part of this new feature, Google One subscribers will also have access to a new HDR video effect, which aims to balance dark foregrounds with bright backgrounds, or vice versa. This is similar to the effect that was already available for photos, according to Google.

Additionally, Google Photos has been updated with a range of new Styles to choose from and the ability to apply a Style to just one photo within a collage. This will also be available to both Google One subscribers as well as Pixel owners.

By Mitchell Luo on Unsplash

Google One subscribers will also be able to take advantage of free shipping when they order photo prints through the Google One online store in the U.S., Canada, U.K., and Europe. Google One's subscription is a top seller in the app stores even though each feature is not worth paying for on its own, but the combined package that includes In addition to backup options, sync options, and extra storage, the subscription is a top seller.

The Google One app ranked number six on the global non-game app list in 2022, according to The Google One app ranked number eight in the U.S. in terms of consumer spending. Despite the fact that most customers buy the subscription for the extra storage and backup - as Google's alternative to Apple's iCloud in a sense - it's also a way for Google to lock in customers to its app ecosystem, regardless of whether they use Pixel phones or Android phones.

Magic Eraser, HDR effects, and new collage styles will begin rolling out today, but will not be available to all users until a few weeks from now.Free shipping, however, is already available for all users.


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