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Hulk World War

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By Chris PagianPublished 7 months ago 4 min read

About the Hulk of the original Marvel storyline branch many fans should have seen, and in this more classic is the "Hulk World War", in the original origin of this big event originated from the Illuminati a faint trick.

The Illuminati believe that the existence of the Hulk will threaten the safety of the Earth, therefore, the internal vote decided to use the ship to send the Hulk to a certain uninhabited planet, to reduce the crisis index of the Earth, but embarrassingly, the follow-up because of the delivery process, the Hulk's ship accidentally involved in the Saka planet's transmission wormhole, so that the Hulk descended on the Saka planet.

And then the story is relatively simple, Saka planet Hulk met the love of Kayla, and took out the original Saka planet on the villainous Red King, rescued the people of Saka planet, so far, Hulk is ready to enjoy the rest of his life, but who had thought of the bug man Mick secretly set a bomb in the ship to send Hulk, resulting in Hulk's pregnant wife was killed in the subsequent explosion.

The key is that Hulk mistakenly thought that this was the original plan of the Illuminati, is to use the ship to blow himself up, for this reason, which fell into the trap to bring the people of the planet Saka back to Earth to take revenge ......

No way, the original setting is too coincidental, Hulk heard the Illuminati to Hulk's message "again and again, your anger and power have threatened the entire planet, this is the only way we can determine", followed by the pre-explosion omen, for this reason, Hulk directly chooses to throw the ship into the air, only, the explosion ripples too large, and ultimately threatened Hulk's wife Kayla.

But if the crisis, the death of the Hulk's wife Kayla is not the Hulk himself?

This conjecture in the parallel universe of the Marvel series has set -

The same front explosion plot, except that this time, after the Hulk realized that there was an explosion, the choice to throw out not the ship, but the Hulk's wife Kayla, which makes the final Kayla survive, while the Hulk was killed in the explosion ......

The death of her husband, the shattered planet Saka, so Kayla in great pain awakened the power of the eternal, in an instant after the repair of the planet, decided to give their husbands Hulk revenge, and the goal of revenge is the Earth!

Similar to the previous "Hulk World War" plot, except that this time the avenger was replaced by Kayla, after shattering the moon captured the Inhuman Black Bat King, Kayla issued his declaration of revenge against the Earth: "You sent him to the outer world.

"You sent him to outer space, and then destroyed our entire world ......"

Faced with Kayla's crisis, at first, the many Avengers on Earth were not too worried, and even Sentry and Dr. Strange at one point chose to descend directly on Kayla's ship to negotiate, but what greeted them was a familiar face, and a sonic attack so powerful that it instantly turned Sentry and Dr. Strange into ashes.

Yes, this is exactly the reason why Kayla was the first to capture the Black Bat King ~

And then different from the main universe of the Hulk revenge set, Kayla's revenge is more bloody, Iron Man and Mr. Fantastic have been killed, so far, the Illuminati existed in name only, although the subsequent other Avengers also all confronted Kayla, Naive Kayla's ancient power is too strong, countless Earth Avengers to hate the scene, the rest were also enslaved by Kayla.

Forced them to build a magnificent Hulk statue for themselves, as a way to commemorate her husband.

On the night of the completion of the Hulk statue, Kayla came alone in the heart of the Hulk statue, in the ruins of the surrounding city, the Hulk under the starry moon looks very unique, it is also at this time Kayla, who is already the most powerful person on the entire planet, chose to sit in the heart of her husband Hulk statue, turned into a stone statue, chose to be with her husband Hulk forever ......

I can only say that this is love ah ~

However, if there was no accident, Hulk by the original plan of the Illuminati flight route, then eventually will descend to a vibrant planet, where there are no humans, there are only countless vegetation animals.

In Marvel's other parallel universe version, is the original plan of the plot to elaborate, after descending to this living planet Hulk did not storm, but chose to live with this group of animals to become their guardians, and even in the life of this group of animals, Hulk as an angry beast, but also from time to time to show a rare smile.

This may also be proof that the original decision of the Illuminati is not necessarily completely wrong, in the absence of accidental interference, the planet is indeed very suitable for the Hulk to survive.


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