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Hulk World War

"Hulk's Movie Distribution Rights"

By Chris PagianPublished 7 months ago 5 min read

For many Hulk fans, it may be a pity that after the Incredible Hulk in 2008, the Marvel Cinematic Universe series never had a Hulk solo film released, the reason for this is simple, as we said earlier, is that Marvel only got back the right to adapt the Hulk character, but did not get back the Hulk character's " film distribution rights".

These "film distribution rights", directly make the Hulk not possible to have a personal single movie appearance.

However, sometime earlier there were rumors that Marvel might be able to get back "Hulk's movie distribution rights" from Universal Pictures next year, and if this news is true next year, then we will see "The Incredible Hulk 2" in the movie universe will become possible.

To this end, previously in the "female Hulk" premiere, "Hulk" actor Uncle Mark Ruffalo has been asked by media reporters about the follow-up to the rumors that Marvel may develop the "Hulk World War" problem, this, Uncle Mark is also very quick to say: "If Marvel is willing, I will participate in it!

So, for this "Hulk World War" setting, what exactly is the original story about the plot?

Earlier I have said in some tweets in general, in short, the whole "Hulk World War" main plot can be boiled down to roughly 3 keywords.

1, the concerns of the Illuminati.

2, the tragedy of the Hulk.

3, revenge and truth.

Let's start with the "Illuminati's concern".

The entire "Hulk World War" plot begins, to put it bluntly, is the organization of the Illuminati on Earth, after seeing the Hulk from time to time will go on a rampage, feeling that the Hulk for the Earth is a considerable threat, although the Hulk can be suppressed, but if one day the Hulk completely crazy rampage, it is not necessarily they can suppress.

For this reason, the Illuminati's internal proposal "is to send the Hulk to other planets.

For this proposal most of the members of the Illuminati are unified, but there is also opposition, such as Namor being one of them, and even oppose this proposal, Namor also and Iron Man fight, but, in the end, the proposal was passed.

The idea Illuminati originally wanted to use the ship to send the Hulk to civilization without life on the planet, which can let the Hulk casually tossed, and will not appear to scourge another cicivilizations'mmoral possibility.

But let everyone not expect that.

The only thing this proposal did not discuss with the party Hulk, Illuminati directly chose to let Hulk in a coma was sent away, but midway through the ship's bumps let Hulk awakened, found himself encountered Hulk in the exposure began to frantically dismantle the ship, the result made the ship route changes, accidentally entered the Sakaar.

So this brings us to the second keyword "Hulk's tragedy:"

After descending to Saka, Hulk defeated the ruling planet of the Red King, became the ruler of the entire Saka planet, and incidentally married the Saka planet of female warriors Kayla, this plot Marvel has had anime film "Hulk Planet", interested in the Internet search to see.

And after becoming the lord of the planet Saka, and having a beautiful wife, Hulk actually for the operation of the Illuminati inner anger also gradually faded, not to mention, during this period Hulk's wife was also pregnant with his child, looking at the good times are coming, but did not expect someone does not want to see Hulk so "decadent" down.

This person is the planet Saka bug, Mick!

To promote the Hulk can be some progress, do not give up the desire to conquer, insect Mick secretly in the Illuminati send Hulk to the ship installed a bomb, in an explosion, accidentally caused the Hulk wife and children who have not yet been born all receive box lunch offline, and this rage Hulk has long lost his mind, all the encounters attributed to the Earth and with the Illuminati.

For this reason, the angry Hulk led a group of brothers on the planet Saka, back to Earth, and began to prepare for revenge!

But as mentioned earlier, the tragedy of Hulk itself has nothing to do with the Illuminati, Hulk was just used, which is shown in the third keyword "revenge and truth" -

Angry Hulk after descending to Earth, the Avengers on Earth launched a frenzy of revenge, once to persuade Strange's hands directly to the abolition of the forced Strange had to use "black magic" to fight the Hulk, but in the end, was still taught to do by the Hulk.

When later the Sentinel came online, the two sides broke out nearly enough to destroy the city's battle, but in this battle Hulk gradually regained his senses and turned into a human form, but on Earth people breathed a sigh of relief when the bug man Mick is not willing to see Hulk revert to human Banner, for this reason, ready to attack Banner to make it into Hulk, but the result was accidentally killed Hulk's friend Rick.

The death of his best friend, so Banner again transformed into a giant beast of rage, a punch almost ruined the insect Mick, it is also in this period of insect Mick hate Hulk under the reveal of all the truth, Hulk learned the truth of the explosion of the planet Saka and the death of his wife and son, the anger directly to the highest.

The gamma energy that filled the Hulk's body was enough to shatter the entire continental shelf, and eventually, thanks to Iron Man enabled the laser cannon on standby in space, which allowed the final fury of the Hulk to be beaten back to human form, the crisis of the destruction of the entire world was put to an end ......

Of course, if the subsequent Marvel Cinematic Universe wants to develop "Hulk World War" is unlikely to follow this plot to shoot, after all, the bug man Mick something in the movie is washed up can make the Hulk into an infinite state of rage things, the current Marvel Cinematic Universe does not exist.

This is not to mention, that today's Hulk itself is Banner sanity control, unless the Hulk was after a certain plot, the role to brainwash or control, which is still somewhat possible.

Otherwise, the movie version of "Hulk World War" may refer to the Marvel Universe villains using technology to create other "Hulk" posture the character, to fight these "villain Hulk", Banner and others came to a good and evil Hulk battle set.


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