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How to Sell Photos Online And Make Money

How to Sell Photos Online And Make Money

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Every one of us likes to take pictures, don’t we? Even those who aren’t very good at it loves to click a good moment, something to remember and cherish. With the coming of smartphones, capturing moments has become an essential part of our day to day life. Read below how to sell photos online and make money Sell Photos Online And Make Money

Now wouldn’t it be great if you could actually earn some money for the pictures you’ve clicked? Well, you sure can earn quite some extra cash for your photos if you knew the right places to sell them online. Even if you are a professional photographer earning besides from your professional shoots can help you a lot, since photographers are now more in demand than ever before, with the boom of internet and connectivity use of pictures in every business and field is extremely important to get people to connect, understand and relate better. Sell Photos Online And Make Money

Everyone from a small organization to a giant Multinational Corporation (MNC), marketers, adver Sell Photos Online And Make Money tisers, bloggers, publishers, graphic designers require photos to attract the attention of their target audience and what better way to do that than using photos. These people regularly buy and use photos online. In this article, we will share with you what, where and how to sell your photos at the best prices.


Some photos are in more demand than the others, here is a guide down to help you with how and which photos will help you earn the most. Sell Photos Online And Make Money

PEOPLE: Every age from kids to old people, anyone from anywhere is how you can put it, pictures of people of every caste, culture, race, age, gender are always high in demand

FOOD: Different cuisines and even the empty unwashed plates

TRAVEL: Good shots from different countries and undiscovered places sells like hotcakes

NATURE: Nature is never too boring to shoot and also sells the most, the place might be the same but the shot is always different for some reason.

ARCHITECTURE: Buildings, Cityscapes their foundation, and formation

ART: Paintings, paint tools, the process of getting there and everything that is art to you. Guide to pay off credit card debt


If you are a professional photographer selling photos from your own website can be very profitable, this way you get to keep all the cash you earn without any cut in your profits whilst displaying your work and attracting business at the same time. However, not many photographers are open to the idea of maintaining a website just by the thought of having to go through complicated payment gateways and expensive e-commerce sites. This might have been a problem in the past but not anymore, nowadays anyone can have their own websites with just a few clicks. Sell Photos Online And Make Money

**A few things to know if you’ve your own website:**

Set your website on WordPress this way you get to choose from a huge number of themes and plugins already available on WordPress.

Add plugins like Sell Media to sell your photos from your own website at a price decided by you Sell Photos Online And Make Money

Keep 100% of the earnings rather than keeping some percent as offered by other websites if you sell your photos on their sites.

Protect your pictures by adding your watermark, a password and you can also sell them with a variety of license. Sell Photos Online And Make Money

Make sure to price your pictures carefully in order to increase sales as compared to other competitive sites. Sell Photos Online And Make Money

Since you’ll be getting all the profits attract your target audience by selling your pictures at a lower price than other sites Sell Photos Online And Make Money

You can also sell prints of your pictures, though the sales won’t be as high as that of a digital license of the photos but anything extra is never a harm to your business especially if you are into travel photography and capture landscapes or anything artistic might get the attention of people for home decor and other things. Sell Photos Online And Make Money

Club similar types of photos in galleries by using plugins like Enviragallery which allows you to create galleries on your site, and will make the process of searching for photos much easier for people. Sell Photos Online And Make Money


With the growth in technology and communication, the demand for stock photos by companies, bloggers, editors, advertisers, marketers have sprung to an all-time high, which has lead to the rise of various new microstock sites which allow people to buy and sell their photos on these websites. People buy photos from these sites at affordable rates and use them for various purposes from posters, flyers to newsletters, blogs, designs and any other purpose you can think of using these photos for. Since the demand for good photos is so high selling photos and generating a decent side income is an easy task for any good photographer or anyone who knows there way around a camera. Sell Photos Online And Make Money

Anyone can sell their photos on these third-party sites and it is easy too as the site will do all the marketing for you and get you the people interested in your photos as thousands of people search on these sites every day. How to create successful budget

Some good stock websites to sell your photos at are listed as below:

SHUTTERSTOCK: Shutterstock is among the top-rated sites which has paid around $500 million to its contributors. It allows you to keep copyright even after sales and gives you 30% of the sales price for your sold pictures. Currently, the payout starts at $0.25 and can go up to $120 for custom images.

ADOBE STOCK: Adobe lets you sell photos as well as vector art, and offers as much as 33% for photos and 35% for vector art. For this, you need to create an account and upload your photos for sale on the website, Adobe stock is already integrated into its app making it more likely for people to notice your photo. Payments for your photos are made via PayPal and Skrill. Sell Photos Online And Make Money

ALAMY: Alamy lets you earn 50% for each photo sold when you upload your photo exclusively on Alamy and 40% for non-exclusive photos i.e. pictures you have made available for sale on other sites as well You can upload your photos on Alamy without any issues for copyright and license. Though the buyers are not as many as Shutterstock or Adobe stock but it’s still among the top competitors for the stock photo market. Alamy has made $180 million payouts to its contributors to date. Payments are made via PayPal, Skrill, or fund transfer.

500px PRIME: Make an account for free, upload and sell photos and earn money via PayPal.

ETSY: Etsy is not just for buying home decor or other stuff but it also lets you sell your photos online. It also will keep only 20% of each sale and 3.5% of the sales price which is very great. However, attracting a customer to buy your picture is quite a task as it offers other things as well and thus is not just only targeting your consumer base the most. Whereas sites like Shutterstock and Adobe stock are entirely focused on selling and targeting the interested ones only


iSTOCK PHOTO: This site requires you to apply before you start selling to them. After submitting a few samples of your work you may get accepted on either the iStock photo or the Getty Images since both are partners anyway. The sites provide no information on how much you’ll be earning for your photos. Make money from PUBG

PHOTO SHELTER: One has to pay a subscription fee to sell and avail services of this site. The most basic plan starts at $10 a month with very basic services and goes up from there for more features. Sell Photos Online And Make Money

SMUGMUG PRO: This site offers you 85% of your share for your sold photos. However, you need to buy a SmugMug Pro subscription to take advantage of this royalty share in your photo. Sell Photos Online And Make Money


Hopefully, this article helps you to learn a thing or two of how you can make the most out of your photography skills and has helped you to find the best places to sell your photos online and make money. Hope you like this article sell photos online and make money. please leave your comment below.

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