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This is a complete review of the Haas House membership plan

By Joshua MettsPublished 5 months ago Updated 5 months ago 3 min read

What's up, fellow photographers and visual creators! 📸✨ I recently dived into the Haas House Membership Plan, and let me spill the beans right away: it’s the real deal, especially if you're into product photography and looking to elevate your game. Here's the rundown on why this is the photography glow-up you didn’t know you needed.

Brand Storytelling on Fleek

First off, Haas House isn’t just your typical photography studio. These peeps have mad skills when it comes to telling brand stories through crisp photos and bomb stop-motion sequences. We’re talking high-quality, mood-setting, “stop-scrolling-and-look-at-this” kinda content. It's fresh, it's engaging, and it’s exactly the kind of vibe most brands are aiming for nowadays.

Tutorial Galore

Let’s talk about their tutorials. Over 45 Photoshop and editing tutorials specifically designed for product photography? Yaaas, please! 🙌 They’re not just scratching the surface here, either. Each lesson dives deep into the nitty-gritty, ensuring that you emerge with killer editing techniques under your belt. And the cherry on top? The membership hands you the RAWs and/or project files. It's like being handed the keys to a treasure chest, fam!

Light Up Your Photography Game

Lighting is the backbone of any great photo, and if you're like me and have battled with lighting woes, Haas House has our backs. The membership serves up some stellar lighting guides, and they ain’t just stopping at what they have now. New guides drop every month, ensuring we stay updated and in-the-know with the latest lighting techniques. No more trial and error with five different light setups only to end up with a photo that looks like it was taken in a cave.

Breaking The Editing Barrier

Can we talk about the sheer lack of quality editing resources for product photographers out there? The struggle has been REAL! It's hella frustrating when it seems like other creatives are part of some exclusive club, holding onto trade secrets like they're infinity stones. Haas House breaks down those barriers and lays it all out. It feels like they’re saying, “Hey, we got you. Grow with us.”

Check Out the Haas House Membership Plan!

Who's This For?

Are you a newbie photographer who’s tired of experimenting, wasting time, and still not nailing that perfect shot? Or perhaps a fresh freelancer, hungry to make your mark and hustle hard in the photography scene? Maybe you've been thrown into a project, and it feels like you've jumped into the deep end with no floaties on. No judgment - we've all been there!

This membership is tailor-made for all of us. The resources, tutorials, and guides are crafted to give you the confidence, skills, and swag to tackle any project. Plus, for those looking to craft their unique style and not depend on another photographer’s presets, Haas House is handing you the brush to paint your masterpiece.

Price Point

Now, I know $99/month might make some of you raise an eyebrow, thinking, "Is it worth it?" Look, if you’re serious about leveling up, investing in your skills, and finally producing those magazine-worthy shots, then yes, it’s a no-brainer. Plus, considering the quality and depth of the resources you’re getting, I’d say it’s a steal!

Check Out the Haas House Membership Plan!

The Community Vibe

Another dope aspect of this membership? The community. Being part of a group where everyone is vibing, sharing tips, tricks, and experiences is super valuable. Haas House has fostered such a space, and it’s more than just tutorials and guides - it’s about belonging, growing, and thriving together.

Closing Shots (Get it?)

In a nutshell, Haas House’s Membership Plan isn’t just a tool – it’s a game-changer. If you're keen on cutting through the noise and making your mark in the product photography scene, this might just be your ticket. So, from one creative just trying to navigate the vast world of photography to another: give it a shot! 🚀📷✨

Check Out the Haas House Membership Plan!

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