How To Aesthetic Flatlay

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How to set up a flatlay that's Instagram worthy!

How To Aesthetic Flatlay
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We know that now more than ever Instagram can take more effort than getting a degree! (okay slight exaggeration but you understand). Sometimes the way we showcase posts & ideas makes all the difference. Here is a guide to capturing the right shot & peoples attention!

1. The Idea

Is it a new product you want to showcase, a design, clothing items?. It could be anything! know the idea or theme that will make the post and try not to conflict with too many ideas. You can gain some inspiration by gathering photos similar to what you want to achieve.

2. Gather Your Items

It's good to gather more items than you need since some of them don't make the cut. Having everything on hand lets you experiment with the placement of items if something doesn't quite look right, you have options.

TIP: Your items could be anything that works for your post. Books, Materials, Samples, Flowers, electronics, Candles, Clothing, Jewellery, Stationery items, the list goes on. It all depends on the idea.

3. Have a good Backdrop

whether that's your flooring, a nice desk or a benchtop. There's always a perfect surface.

Light Surface: This is great for beginners or to let the surface blend in and let your items do the talking. It's also great when using natural light as the shadows and reflections are stunning.

Dark Surface: This can make lighter colours pop and stand out. It can be done for a more dramatic effect or mood.

Coloured Surface: Your coloured surface will tie in with the items used and look really effective in a monochromatic look.

Material Surface: This look is great to bring a more casual or cosy feel. the material texture is great to evoke feelings of relaxation and becomes more inviting.

Make sure your surface compliments with your idea of the post.

4. Natural Beauty

Nothing beats natural sunlight, find a good source of lighting that suits the look you are going for: if it's bright and uplifting, a strong natural light will match. If your mood is more dramatic, a softer or slight light on a focal point will help. Shadows really add a unique touch and creates depth within the shot.

5. All About Those Angles

Get very creative with you angles as it can look more professional, gone are the days of a straight-on shot. do something to capture peoples attention, what flows or highlights your main focus. Play around with different heights too.

TIP: This one seems like an obvious one but make sure to use the platforms size requirements for a smooth transition. As most phone cameras are set up larger than Instagrams square format. You will then know how it will look and what's going to get into the shot! (No cropping needed)

6. Tell us a story

What are you trying to tell the viewer when they see the photo?. If you're trying to sell a product you want to evoke a desire and need for it. setting up the right story could be the difference between a scroll past or a like.

7. Enhance What You've Got

It's amazing what some free filters and editing will do. I'm not talking lengthy photoshop either some free apps such as 'colorstory' or Instagram itself can give your pictures that upper edge that it needs to feel complete.

8. Enjoy the Process

Rember for the creative process it takes time and it should be a rewarding process, if you feel stuck give it a break and the idea will strike. You can also ask for other peoples opinions on what looks right to them as everyone sees differently, you may discover something you didn't see yourself.

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