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Heimdall actor asked if he can still return

Marvel movie 4 "underworld" setting

By Chris PagianPublished 7 months ago 3 min read

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, many characters have left a deep impression on fans, but because of the planning of the role set, so many characters in the movie universe had to be arranged to receive a box of lunch offline, which is typical of -

Asgard gatekeeper, Heimdall!

In the Marvel "Thor" series, Heimdall's role is not high in the length of the plot, more as some auxiliary plot role configuration, until finally in the opening episode of "The League of Legends 3", using their last remaining trace of dark energy, summoned the Rainbow Bridge to send the Hulk back to Earth to report.

And the most recent surprise for many fans is that Heimdall in Marvel's "Thor 4" egg in the Hall of Souls as a receiver to receive the dead female Thor Jane Foster.

For this reason -

In the previous "Heimdall" actor Idris Elba was asked by "Syfy" during the promotional tour of his latest film "Beast" whether "Heimdall" has a chance to return, Idris Elba said. "I don't know, if I do, I'll let you know. Well, probably not ......"

Nevertheless, in fact, by the world view planned by Marvel today, the people who came to the Hall of Souls do not necessarily have the opportunity to "resurrect" again.

Why do you say so?

At present, the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, according to the different plots, roles, and mythological settings of the civilizations involved, is able to explain the "world after death", before and after roughly four -

Scandinavian mythology "Hall of Spirits", Wakanda culture "ancestral world", Egyptian mythology "Reeds", the soul gem space.

For these four so-called "underworld" settings, the Marvel worldview has, so that the soul can "free play" space, for example, the Hall of Souls Heimdall in a sense is not dead, still have thinking, Black Panther's ancestor's world in the generations of Black Panther The world of Black Panther's ancestors can still communicate with their descendants.

The previous "Moon Knight" in the Egyptian mythology reed original more, needless to say, the soul gem space by the previous plot of the exterminator, still can and soul gem and die or infinity glove and die, in some kind of soul space.

This four-soul world, each with its characteristics.

Among them, in the "Moonlight Knight", the hero Mark in the tomb was taken out by the villain at close range, for this reason, which recently came to the reed plains, but he also eventually gave up, and so completed the resurrection.

Note that here we know that in reality, Mark's physical body is dead, but the soul does not have any problems, and in the reed plains Mark gave up the opportunity to enter the Elysium, after turning his head to resurrect, the physical body of the death of this setting was then reversed.

Does this mean that certain deaths in the Marvel universe can be reversed?

Moon Knight's Egyptian world of "Reeds" can do, and the Norse mythology of the Hall of Spirits in theory should also be able to, this point in many works of the original Marvel has to show -

In the original comic book "universe evil spirit knight", death in the temple of the evil spirit knight, had Odin point awake, ready to return to the exterminator as a child to end the exterminator, to end all the exterminators in the world "pain", Odin is also directed to the evil spirit knight sent back to the reality of the earth.

Similar plot, I wonder if there will be presented in the "Thor 5" after.

After all, the death of the female Thor is somehow too bad, this role can become the subsequent resident female character in the Marvel Universe, after all, who did not specify that the Marvel Universe can only have a Thor clergy role, and once if Jane Foster can return to reality, or in the form of some kind of spirit, then it also means that Heimdall such characters can also return.

However, it may be more unfortunate that.

These characters die to resurrect the premise is that they must be interconnected with some kind of mythological beliefs, similar to Iron Man such deaths may not be able to do a theoretical reversal of resurrection or reappear in the form of a spiritual body.


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