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Has Smartphone Camera Replaced Digital Camera?

Digital Camera Lenses

By Syed ImranPublished 3 years ago 3 min read


This article is about comparing Smartphone cameras with digital cameras. It compares the different aspects like weight, size, camera features, accessories and price of Smartphones and digital cameras to help readers decide with works best for them.

Has the smartphone camera replaced the Digital Camera? Umm… not yet though. Will the smartphone camera replace the Digital Camera in Coming Future? Umm… may be or may be not! Confusing… let’s finds this out in a bit detail.

As we all know that Smartphone has comes a long way in the past few years. Due to technological advancements, smartphone is absorbing a lot of things we used in everyday life at an increasing speed. Some of them are calculator, radio, GPS device, compass, scanner, voice and video recorders, barcode scanner, landline phone, alarm clock, calendar, newspaper and the list goes on. Can the smartphone challenge the existence of digital cameras? Not completely. Because as the smartphones and its cameras are getting advanced, so do Digital cameras, its accessories and lenses. Some of the main elements which differentiate them are as under.

Smartphone are Easy to Cary

Mobile phones are thin, small and lightweight and can easily fit it the pocket or purse. One doesn’t carry it just for the camera, but smartphone is mainly carried due to its main task, that is for mobile phone use. Its Camera is an added plus. Digital camera has a sole purpose of photography. They are bigger and cannot fit in the pocket and if it has separate lenses than it is more cumbersome to carry it along.

Camera Features

When it comes to core photography, digital camera stands out. Although smartphone camera has comes a long way to get the maximum features of digital camera, but digital camera has several features and customization which makes it first choice for Professional Photographers and Enthusiasts alike.

Smart Phone cameras have fixed lenses, which are good for selfies, social media and normal everyday pictures. Zooming is limited through the software of the phone, which means zooming in will decrease the picture quality. Digital camera allows to be zoomed in without the loss of the quality. Camera lenses can be changed according to the need, from a verity of digital camera lenses available online and offline.

Although, now smartphones are coming with an array of lenses and sensors, including the main camera lens, depth unit, ultra-wide lens, macro lens, telephoto lens, and more, even in budget range phones.

Smartphones have tiny Camera sensors, which mean squeezing more mega pixels into these sensors doesn’t get better results than lesser MPs in bigger sensors present in digital cameras.

Smartphone cameras are very good for bright light, non-moving objects. Whereas, digital camera has lots of manual custom settings for adjusting shutter speed, ISO, aperture and white balance, which can give high quality images even in dim lights and moving objects.

Wide Range of Accessories

Smartphone camera doesn’t have wide range of accessories to enhance the image quality like digital camera, which have plenty of lenses and accessories like neutral density filter, camera stands & tripods, external flash, remote shutter to name a few.

Price Tag

DSLR are not cheap and they have only one purpose to fulfil, which is to take pictures. Additional Lenses also increases the price. While smart phone prices range from low to high but they are multipurpose device (like telephone, computer and camera all in one), which is easy to carry around.

There are certain advantages of both smartphone camera and digital camera over one another; it’s up to the user to decide which one suit him/her best.


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