Going after my dreams

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Building my life

Going after my dreams
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first of all thank you for the pic Dariqsz Sankowski!

Anyways! Hello!

Long time no write Vocal!(: been awhile I know, I know been pretty busy! Guess what! I am going to school! I know exciting stuff right?(: What am I studying you may ask well thanks for asking ahaha it is photography I am in my first semester and loving it I like the idea that my teacher challenges us. For example we are learning how to draw on photoshop it is challenging but at the same time fun!(: here is my reason for my career choice.

Photography background.

Like everyone I wanted to be a pop star I was pretty good singer and all but I just was to shy so while I was in high school I started to do photography class which was totally fun editing pictures , taking photos around the school and having the camera around my neck felt natural to me I seriously loved it!

After I graduated I actually had the option to do photography but went straight to business which for me Was pretty hard for me because I had special needs. So soon after that I started to work but after the pandemic I started to actually imagining myself as a photographer who take pictures of other special needs and lifestyle pics.

Let me tell you a story about my brand!:

So when I was growing up with special needs it was hard because I didn’t have that self confidence, Yes my family was always there to back me up no matter what but I wasn’t feeling really good about my self because in elementary or middle school I would get made fun of a little bit because of my hands because I had a extra finger and crooked feet also on top of that my hearing wasn’t that great!

So that is where I got the idea by talking to anyone who would listen i absolutely love photography ever since my uncle took me to a museum in Vegas but also loved hanging out with special needs ( I work with them) they are so amazing and happy sometimes but I wanted to make a living out of it.

I can’t wait to get started with the business I’m truly passionate about it.

My plan for photography;

So after I graduate my plan is to get a great camera and reach out to as many people as I can brand my business ya know!(: I actually have a website which I am excited about! After I get as many people I can I will hopefully be in a magazine lol any magazine will definitely do I want to be a person who has special needs to follow their dreams and encourage others to do the same because if you work hard and put in the actual work and not be lazy your DREAMS will come true I swear ☺️

Advice to following your dreams;

One: Find out what you truly love and think of this.

. Does it make you smile?

. Do you love it like really love it?

. Can You see yourself doing it for the Rest of your life.

Two: Try to get an education like really learn about what you are passionate about and if it doesn’t work out for you then that’s okay.

Three: Make a plan B it is okay to have a plan B it doesn’t mean that you failed it just means it wasn’t right the one just yet.

Four : once you get all 3 brand yourself! Branding is so important!! Remember that!(:

Alright that’s all I have! 💖

Abigail Devilla
Abigail Devilla
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