Freezing Photos

by Chase Williams about a year ago in editing

Filming in the cold tests your limits to the max.

Finally, after finding what I've been chasing most my life, I'm willing to dedicate my time, effort, and comfort to achieving this dream. The dream of becoming one of the most well known filmmakers in the world. This goal in mind, I'm 19, broke, living with my parents, trying to run a company, not going to college, and working a job that I gotta do to make money (stereotypical story you hear from any aspiring dreamer). With my dedication I've managed to say "F#$% You" to my excuses, and push as hard as I can at this ambition. This film above, Garred and I captured these videos about 20 minutes each, along with the three hours of taking pictures. Each clip in the video had to be redone, due to me messing up on my organic transitions. So we had to go back to each street corner to capture them twice over. The reason why this is relevant to pushing limits is because in the middle of filming it began to snow, as it had snowed earlier that same day. In the first shot you can actually see the snow fall; if you look closely enough.

While editing this video, which is one of my favorite Memories Film, I was traveling to Lebanon, Missouri, to chill with a few of my family friends. I was sitting in the back tan leather seating of my Father's work's Black Chevy Denali. I sat there the entire seven hours editing this twenty-six second video. Although I was mainly color correcting on the final clip, where the video is completely orange. I had to fix it, so I did to the best of my ability. Even when we arrived at our destination, I edited two more hours, until the film was ready to be posted to Instagram.

As much as I love filming and editing these films, it takes a lot of time, time I'm willing to clock into something I'm really passionate about. Though isn't anyone, anyone with a dream? It's up to us to challenge ourselves, no one else will hand feed us our accomplishments, we have to step up and be better. I say this only for myself and for those who need a little truth. Keep chasing the star, and if you fall land on your back, because if you can look up... you can get up.

Confession: That final sentence about falling on your back, I borrowed it from one of my all time favorite spoke people, Les Brown.

Chase Williams
Chase Williams
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Chase Williams
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