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by Lakise Chambers 6 months ago in art

Centering One's Weird Self

Mini Mo: The Distraction. Captured by Boredom (or Me the writer)

The phrase, "The brain is an amazing thing.", is said too many times, so I will say it again with a twist, the brain is an amazingly weird thing when you are me. It will look for anything to do for any small bit of action or entertainment. Humans are social animals for a reason and the Pandemic is a great display of that fact. People are willing to put their health on the lines to talk to others--especially during the holidays. I do not see the point of that and was happy to stay home and relax from school and work. It was the perfect paradise for me...well in the beginning at least.

I have always been an introvert, or at least I have always called myself as such, but since the beginning of this pandemic, I have been wanting to interact with anyone or anything at all--soo I started taking pictures. Actually, let's back up a bit--I started with reading more stories online. That's how I began seeing this website. Then I began making short strange videos, which I deleted shortly after, THEN I began taking the pictures. Not of anything fancy or cool. Just regular, run of the mill pictures. Even though they are just that I wanted to be able to make them into a little story.

The impulse to do this was strange to me at first. Maybe more so because of the things I took pictures of, rather than the fact that I never had the interest to do such things before. After reading different stories, online, regular books, and even interactive stories on my phone's play store app, I was still not able to give my brain the stimulation I needed. I decided, "What the heck, it can't hurt!" I know there are so many people out there who want to do the right thing by staying in, but cannot stand the thought of sitting still. Just like those people, who are extroverts or have extroverted tendencies, I needed something to do badly. Simply taking pictures is fun in its own way, but I want to do more than that. I want to be able to see, hear, or read about how people react to my horrible photo-op jobs. I don't expect anything amazing to come from them, but if it opens up dialogs or can be shared, I am happy with that, even if it's at the expense of laughing at me, I welcome it.

So now I will be sharing those pictures-- by the way, for those who only looked at the pictures and thought, "What the absolute Hell?" I know. It's Weird. I am by no means some sort of Professional Creative Artist, but maybe some people will enjoy the weird little pictures. Or they can pick at how my brain has turned to mush during my eight-month-long quarantine. Either way, I can see myself doing this for fun and turning it into a little short story.

Now introducing the first little character of today’s story; the plant in the wine glass, as depicted in the first photo, is named Mini Mo. Today is Mini Mo's first Christmas. Everyone deserves to have a lovely gift and someone to enjoy it with on Christmas day--even in a pandemic, so for his first present, I gave him a friend named Pretty Box, along with a card. My God, I have become weird.

Mini Mo's First Christmas with Pretty Box. Mo enjoyed his card, but Pretty box wished he didn't have to go inside her to get it.
Mini Mo had to be placed in time out on the dirty floor for being too weird even for me. Bad impressions tend to have a long-lasting effect, so Pretty Box is off on her own adventure for now.

And that is how you make a weird short story with inanimate everyday household items. I think I might do this more and flesh out the stories. Maybe the next story will be about Pretty Box's short adventure. And then I will show her off more. Hope you enjoyed my weird photo-op tale.

Lakise Chambers
Lakise Chambers
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