Favorite Shots

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Just Some, More to Come.

Favorite Shots

So a little backstory about this shot. We were at the zoo and I really wanted to test my camera out and see if I had any potential to be a photographer, and this was one of the shots of the day. When I showed it to my father, who knows a little bit more about photography, he said you can't even see the frog but I told him thats kind of what I liked about this shot. I've always liked to capture or look at images that kind of show the mysteriousness of nature.

I really like this shot because firstly, of the mysteriousness that it seems to evoke. It kind of reminds me of like a tiny forest and makes it look magical almost. Second I like the way the frog looks, at first he reminded me of a little bee or a tiger with the stripes but the wrong color. Also on the top of his head where his eyes are just beyond the view of the eye, it looks like he has eyes on top of his head. Anyways, I hope that this photo passes for an amateur like me.

I just also wanted to add about how interesting it is when we capture a photo of an animal. For me personally, I could just stare at it all day. It doesn't matter if the animal is dangerous or safe but when someone captures the photo of an animal at just the right moment, its like wow. I especially like to look at the photos that National Geographic has of the snow leopards. Those animals are really hard to find and when the photographers manage to get a great image of these magnificent animals its completely mind blowing.

Another shot that I am very proud of is one that I took on my Google Pixel 3.

So backstory on this photo. I was on a missions trip to Mazatlan, Mexico when my youth pastor pointed out this creature to me. I literally stood under the tree for like 30 minutes trying to get my camera to cooperate with me so that I could get a photo that I felt would totally make my day and right when I was about to give up, BAM! this photo came out. When I showed the rest of my team the photo, they were all amazed. I told them that in a way I felt like a National Geographic photographer, LOL.

So I learned a lot of things on that missions trip and one of them was to never give up. Thus, I wanted to go ahead and tell any one reading this to not give up. Whatever it may be that you are doing or facing, don't give up. We are all warriors and champions and we all have our battles that we must face but don't give up. You got this. If you have any dreams or desires that you felt have been placed at a standstill because of this epidemic, just begin to tackle them, one step at a time. Start building the foundation of your dreams and desires so that when all this is over, you are ready to not just jump into it but to dive in.

I wanted to get into photography because I feel that it is such an amazing gift and joy. Just as music expresses feelings in ways that words cannot, I feel the same thing can be applied to photos. I mean it was because of some photos that morale and support were raised during some of the most important battles ever. Photos have shown us glimpses of what life was like in the past. Showed us struggles, successes, failures, disappointments, and happiness. Another cool thing is that just like art, photos can mean different things to people which makes it even cooler.

Ok so thats all I have for you guys. Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Flying Ace
Flying Ace
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