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Dutchy announced his temporary withdrawal from the network

by Chris Pagian 3 months ago in film
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Marvel's "Spider-Man"

It's not easy to be a public figure. After enjoying the unimaginable spotlight and life, you naturally need to endure stronger comments from others, this is true both at home and abroad.

Recently, Marvel's "Spider-Man" Dutch Tom Hyland released a video recorded by himself on social media, announcing that he wanted to temporarily withdraw from online social networking for some time so that his body and mind are slowed down, he felt that the amount of information on Ins and Twitter is too overflowing, will give people too much stimulation, so that he can not help himself and will be in the online This is very harmful to my mental health", so he decided to temporarily quit and delete the app.

The majority of fans of Dutchie's decision still gave their support, after all, some of the comments on online social media platforms are indeed very hostile, which is the same whether at home or abroad, the ordinary people caught in the center of an event vortex, will be subject to indiscriminate comments and cyber violence, not to mention this kind of nearly 24 hours by the media and netizens concern The public figure.

These years, there are a lot of actors and stars at home and abroad who quit the net, a lot of quit the net behind in addition to some of them are their own "death", there are also many who are "forced" to choose to quit the net.

[1] "Scarlet Witch" Elizabeth Olsen was morally kidnapped to delete social IP.

Elizabeth Olsen, who plays Wanda, is also one of the most popular actors in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and is a typical example of a person who has withdrawn from social media platforms.

After the launch of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the help of "Reunion 2", along with the subsequent "Reunion" series, as well as the "Wanda Vision" spin-off and the current "Odd 2" movie, Olsen has become another "sister" in the hearts of Marvel fans after the "Widowed Sister". The "first sister" candidate.

But this is such an actor in the eyes of outsiders enough to be envied by countless people, in fact, in the very early days of the countless old American fans to the net storm to quit Ins, the reason is also very simple:

After the sudden death of Marvel Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman, many actors posted on their social media platforms to express their condolences to Chadwick Boseman, but because at that time "Ao Mei" did not send, which makes the foreign network of numerous fans with the cloak of moral kidnapping, crazy personal attacks on Ao Mei, and even for The act of not posting the article is considered to be: intolerable!

It is also these netizens, who eventually, let a long time ago reveal their network social pressure, Ao Mei, in the face of this overwhelming external network fans bashing pressure, chose to delete the number away, directly out of the Ins social platform.

[2] Widow's sister was forced to withdraw from the film project that had already been negotiated.

As a lot of fans in the heart of the well-deserved comic book "a sister", Scarlett Johansson was also subjected to a lot of network pressure, although not and Dutchy and O sister like choose to withdraw from the network, but also to give up good film cooperation has been negotiated.

The specific thing is this.

When the widow originally announced that she was going to star in the movie "Rub & Tug" and play a transgender person in it, a lot of foreign netizens jumped out and directly questioned "Why didn't the crew just find a transgender actor to play the role?"

As we all know, this kind of political correctness is prevalent in the old United States, so when this voice came out, the internet became more and more skeptical, and eventually, under pressure...

Scarlett chose to give up this has been officially announced that she starred in the film.

Of course, just quitting is not enough, after this part of the media in the United States also intercepted a conversation with the widow a long time ago, with a trick out of context, which will be grafted to this "quit the movie" after the attitude, if not the widow came out in time to explain, it is estimated that a new round of network bashing.

[3] American netizens: Don't think you'll be spared because you're a 7-year-old!

Similar cyber violence, not just in adult social appearances, had in the movie "The Revenant 4" as Iron Man's daughter of the young actress Alexandra Rachel Rabe has also suffered from a network full of malicious attacks.

As for why she was slammed, the reason is simple.

Alexandra Rachel Rabe, who was only 7 years old at the time, had not met the demand of her fans for a photo and was directly put on the internet by people who wanted to magnify Rabe's behavior and define it as "playing a big game", for which cyber violence against a 7-year-old child was started on the external network.

In the end, due to the pressure of the network, Alexandra Rachel Rabe, under the arrangement of her parents, uploaded a video of herself on INS, which is a "begging off" video, and fans who have seen the original video probably have a consensus -

The "adults" who can force a 7-year-old child to this point are estimated to be mentally giant babies.


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