Dandelion Side Effect

by Annita 4 months ago in art

Make a wish for nothing!

Dandelion Side Effect
Dandelion close up

Dandelion Side Effect

I was standing in front of a big white dandelion, thinking of my dreams. There wasn't too much of them. Probably one or two. A running girl got closer to me. I pulled myself out of her way immediately. She stopped, looked around, and stared at my eyes. then she opened her month kindly.

- "This is the right one to make a wish," she said.

- how do you know?

- "I made one last June. Early June. You know, It was there. It has always been there." And did run.

I turned back to my place. This time I knelt in front of the white dandelion to see how it might sprout right back to where it was last June. Why did she say so? There was no good sign of land that had survived the[from] heavy snow. I was about closing my eyes to make a wish. "I wish we …". A cyclist approached me out of shrubs and stopped just before my face. I opened my eyes sacredly. He jumped off his bicycle. Looked around fishy. Mumbled.

"what are you doing?"

-I was about to make a wish!

"Are you sure about that?"

- It's just a wish! Who cares? It won't happen anyway.

He turned, jumped on his tiny odd bicycle and disappeared. What a weird day! "Was it Monday or Friday?" I stared at the dandelion again. I forgot what I wanted to wish for. How can anyone forget their dreams? I took my camera out of its case. "Could anyone take a picture of a dandelion without wishing?" I asked myself. Then, I looked around. No one was strolling. Neither a wandering runner nor an idler cyclist! The camera was ready for the shot. I didn't have much time. The wind had begun to blow. "I am afraid it'll be half-blown before I take the picture." I didn't even make a wish. "hey, either close your eyes and wish we happiness, or just bend over and press the shutter button!" I murmured. I knew the wind would destroy it in a flash. "Come on! It'd be a boring shot of a dandelion, like hundreds of them. No one even looks at it. Make your wish. She said it works, remember?".

I opened the camera lens. Put it aside and focused on the center of the dandelion as far as the camera's settings would allow me. Everything seemed great! Daylight entered into my frame slowly. The shadows settled on the left smoothly, and the background faded. The gentle breeze came to us and gave the dandelion a slight movement, which was enough for a nice boring shot. I closed my eyes. "I wish I … I wish I had never met you". A strong wind blew all of a sudden. The dandelion bent to the waist. It was about to break in the middle. "It's fluff! It's fluff!" It kept spinning in my head. My hands began to shake. I could not help it. My focus has changed, and it was not perfect anymore. It was too late to set another focus. Half of it was blown away already. Something got stuck to it. I had no idea what is that tiny black thing. Too small to get rid of. "Leave it." "Just press the button."

The runner arrived at her second round. Within minutes she was sweating heavily. She set up a slow, leisurely pace as she looked at the half-blew dandelion. Heading off the ground, she murmured.

"That wasn't your true wish."

- How do you know?

- "I did the same last June. Early June. You know!"

- Where is he? The cyclist?

- "He laughed and left."

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