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Can not accept the original plan of Marvel

by Chris Pagian 3 months ago in film
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Reunion 6 meta

Since the recent comic book fans know one after another, the comic book movie for the "reunion" series of movies earlier planning is ready to let "reunion 6 veterans" all in the "final battle" all boxed operation is also set off a rather lively discussion.

The original thought that earlier "Russell Brothers" director wanted to let Iron Man in "Team America 3" on the box lunch operation has been hard enough, did not expect the big brother behind the scenes Kevin Feige is even more ruthless, let the reunion veterans in the "final battle" in the operation is from the hand of this The operation of the "final battle" is from the hand of this.

Thanks to the Russell brother's role will make fans "can not stand", which chose to "pick 2" to receive the box lunch forget ~

I can only say that, compared to the original, the movie universe itself is a much larger audience, and the theatrical productions can produce far more far-reaching effects than the original comic book plot, so the original may be a very ordinary operation, in the movie universe will have to think twice before acting!

So, also because the "reunion" thing, for the original Marvel comics, simply not too unusual, Marvel comics development to date, the reunion must have at least 5-6 times, the next we will simply inventory: [1] "Infinity Gauntlet".

[1] "Infinity Gauntlet" big event, the reunion index: 70%.

In the setting of the movie universe, the "Infinity Gauntlet" crisis event, so that half of the universe's living beings have gone up in smoke, many of the characters in the reunion did not escape this calamity, the good thing is that the reunion 6 meta is still saved to complete the preparation.

But in fact, in the original, "infinity glove" this big event, the exterminator's ruthlessness is far more than the movie universe, and compared to the original movie exterminator there is a "make the universe sustainable" the original intention, the comic book exterminator from the collection of infinity stones to hit the infinity finger, its purpose from beginning to end is to please one of the five gods "Death" happy.

And when many heroes gathered to prepare for the fight against the exterminator, the original "reunion" of a group of characters suffered a miserable experience: the Hulk in the comics as soon as the line is online.

Hulk in the comic book is on the line to receive a box lunch.

Uncle Wolf was hit by the "bone palm" under the attack of the exterminator's reality gem, and his whole body was turned into a sponge of Edelman alloy.

Laser Eye was "suffocated".

Iron Man was directly cut off the head ......

These operations, are the original Marvel "Infinity Glove" reunion and other people against the exterminator's end, imagine if this moved to the movie screen, it is estimated that there will be more fans who can not hold it.

[2] "Exterminator" personal issue, the group destruction index: 99%.

If you are interested in Marvel's "Exterminator" character, then, in addition to the "Rise of the Exterminator" about the origin of the Exterminator, this "Exterminator" personal issue is a work that can not be ignored!

In this comic, compared to Marvel before the exterminator is to get some kind of unbelievable weaponry or unbelievable ability, only after the conquest of the Marvel universe, this comic in the exterminator in addition to the comic "title", directly by their ability to live through half the Marvel universe.

Gods? Earth? Reunion?

In this comic book gods, as strong as the all-powerful universe of life court can only become a stepping stone for the exterminator, the Earth has long been a death star in the exterminator's revenge, as for the "reunion" also in the exterminator's iron fist all become a thing of the past, the only thing left is to be captive to the exterminator after a million years of Hulk.

However, this period is not so much Hulk, rather than say that the exterminator is under a "dog"!

After countless years of torture, now the Hulk was tortured only pure beast consciousness, and in the comics, through the cave of captivity Hulk, we can see, countless familiar Avengers equipment, from the American team's shield to Hawkeye's bow and arrow to Ant-Man helmet, Iron Man's armor ......

And a place of dead bones is also a hint that there was a time when the exterminator to make the Hulk into a beast, is directly taking these Hulk's former teammates, as "food" to feed Hulk.

No wonder, Hulk after Silver Shadow Man ran to confront the emperor exterminator when the first words to recover a trace of consciousness is to let Silver Shadow Man kill him!

[3] Marvel group box lunch series, group extinction index: 99%.

Also another reunion index in more than 99% of the original plot, but, compared to the previous single publication plot mode, the Marvel Universe "XX massacre Marvel Universe" is also a series.

More typical is "Deadpool massacre Marvel Universe", and "Punisher massacre Marvel Universe".

The former "Deadpool" version of the wider circulation, is also the most familiar to Marvel fans may be a "group lunch" plot, in this branch, Deadpool almost killed all the members of the reunion we are familiar with (including the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, and other organizations).

The reason for this is that Deadpool discovered that the essence of the entire Marvel world is comics and that the "life and death" of characters such as himself are all determined by the preferences of readers. "release" all the characters, and the way is to "kill everyone".

And another "Punisher" version of the plot principle is very similar, is the Punisher intends to kill all the Avengers, including the X-Men, the reason is that in a reunion of the big fight, accidentally affected the Punisher's wife and children, causing the wife and children to receive the box, but for this reason, the attitude of the Avengers and others triggered the Punisher to retaliate for killing.

【4】 "Exterminator: Infinity End", the group extinction index: 90%.

In the original comic book "Infinity End", the setup is derived from the negative space annihilation insects invaded positive space, and in this war, from the gods to the universe empire and then the Earth Avengers Alliance, basically were group boxed lunch.

The comic is ultimately left with very few superheroes and villains such as exterminators, gathered on the moon underground "group warming", to force the Earth heroes and exterminators to join forces, which is also enough to see the annihilation of the insects of terror, and in this comic, the reunion is also basically destroyed.

Eventually, the entire universe is also in the warlock Adam's infinite energy explosion was destroyed, leaving behind the blank space for Adam and exterminators, after finding the OAA, Adam became the new life court as a trade, OAA which helped them restart the Marvel Universe.

These reunion operations can only say that only a small part of the Marvel Universe, typical of the "Mania" event, in this comic is not only the reunion, even the X-Men were nearly slaughtered.

In "Age of Ultron", the Avengers were Ultron army beaten into a street rat, Iron Man was once afraid to wear their battle armor, afraid to be controlled by Ultron, the Avengers in this big event is also to the point of the name, but unfortunately the movie universe Rio Chuang this super villain was weak chicken.


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