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Black Panther 2

In Marvel's "Black Panther 2" a lot of plot was dramatized

By Chris PagianPublished 5 months ago 6 min read

Previously, along with Marvel in San Diego Comic-Con after the announcement of many follow-up IP works, this period a lot of news about the follow-up works are also a lot of official announcement versions, there are also rumors, and in this, one of them is triggered my attention -

Black Panther 2" spoilers!

For "Black Panther 2" earlier, I also went to talk about some of the information released in the trailer, compared to the rumored spoiler settings this time, a number of them have corresponded, so I intend to give you a closer look at the spoiler information circulating out this time.

Note that there are a large number of suspected spoilers ahead, suggest a detour!

[1] "Heart of Steel" in "Black Panther 2" in the role is very adequate and very key.

We all know that Marvel will debut the role of "Iron Heart" Lily Williams (later always called "Iron Heart") in "Black Panther 2" before the "Iron Heart" spin-off will be online, so, including me, for the "Iron Heart" in the film's The presence of the "Iron Heart" in the film, including me, are considered to be a formality.

But according to the spoilers about the role of Iron Heart, I thought wrong ~

According to the news from the spoilers.

The persona of Lily Williams online is a child prodigy, and is already in MIT has a lot of fame, compared to the previous preview of Surya and Lily Williams acquaintance, the two people acquaintance is in the United States, which also directly fits the end of "Black Panther 1" set.

Secondly, the setting in which Lily Williams herself made a device that can be used to find vibranium, and this device was taken by her mentor (played by Lake Bell), an undercover American scientist, to find a large amount of vibranium in Antarctica and the Atlantic Ocean, for which a blast was launched.

This is also in line with my prediction in the previous trailer, when I saw the footage of the sea research vessel, it is because this mining of the seabed, destroyed the underwater country where Namor and other people live, Namor began to target "Iron Heart", according to the news of spoilers, Namor and sea fury Atuma tried to catch Iron Heart, but Iron Heart use The wreckage of the armor made to escape.

After that, Iron Heart was saved by Okoye and Najia and brought her back to Wakanda, which directly led to the subsequent setting of Nama's decision to invade Wakanda.

[2] Spoiler news about Namor.

According to the spoiler information, the movie will be set in Namor was born in the 1500's half mutant settings, Namor his father is a human explorer, and his mother is a princess called Tialocan.

At first, Nama and other people are living on land, but the Spanish religion of Nama where suppression, resulting in Nama and his people have to move to live underwater.

And in their clan in the underwater life of the country was destroyed by the equipment created by Iron Heart, to catch Iron Heart, Nama hard to Wakanda, the face of Wakanda to protect the determination of Iron Heart, Nama directly summoned a tsunami flood to Wakanda a bath, causing thousands of people in Wakanda to receive a box lunch.

One of the more critical is that the Black Panther and Su Rui's mother, Queen Ramada, will also be here to receive a box lunch down the line, so far, the Black Panther family is left with only Su Rui!

At the same time, the United States found the death of Queen Ramada, decided to break off relations with Wakanda, and declared war on the country (I have to say, even the Americans themselves see the shameless nature of the United States, this wave of irony I give full marks).

[3] Spoiler news about Surya.

In this movie set, if the news of the spoiler is true, then Su Rui itself will be the core character of the whole movie, in the spoiler news -

At the beginning of the movie set, the Black Panther died of some disease and had intended to let Su Rui inherit the throne, but Su Rui is not willing, for this reason, there is a preview of the scene of King Ramada later on behalf of the power.

And after the Nama summoned the flood and accidentally killed the queen of Ramada, Surya million pain, using their technology to create a synthetic heart-shaped herb, and also bulk also made the gold battle armor, will be distributed to the iron heart, Okoye, Najia and Mbaku, and others.

And Surya himself is in the use of heart-shaped herbs, into every generation of black panthers will come to the underworld, originally intended to find their brother, but accidentally saw the money panther Kergomang, he regrets his previous behavior and taught up Surya how to become a black panther.


In the big battle against Namor, Surya, Najia, and Iron Heart fought against Namor, and M'Baku and Okoye fought against Atuma. The Tialocans in the movie were so powerful that all the Dora Escorts were involved in the battle, which also fit with the full participation of the Black Panther Escorts in the trailer.

The end of the battle was that Namor was defeated by Surya and retreated with his army, and Surya, who led the people to victory, did not inherit the name of Black Panther but passed it on to M'Baku, who became the new king of Wakanda and the new Black Panther, and Surya returned to the laboratory!

This is also in line with the earlier rumors that "the white ape will become the Black Panther" ~

Of course!

This time the news of spoilers also contains two eggs in the movie set: 1.

1, Dr. Doom online, according to the news, Dr. Doom is the mastermind behind the war between Namor and Wakanda, the real identity of the mentor who used the Iron Heart equipment to mine the gold in the movie is Lucia Von Baldus.

As for who is Lucia von Baldas?

In the Marvel comics, Lucia was originally an ordinary woman in Latvia under the rule of Dr. Doom, but Lucia itself has a strong ambition and desire for power and has secretly launched a rebellion to overthrow the rule of Dr. Doom, himself replaced by a new ruler, and once called himself Dr. Doom, but the introduction of this may Marvel is bound to make some adaptations, so that it becomes Dr. Doom puppet.

2, the former Black Panther wife Najia pregnant with Tchalla's child, is considered to Tchalla continued the bloodline, this scene may be and the film in the water production fit, then, the film is also on line about "Thunderbolt team" part of the members of the eggs, respectively, "ghost", "2 generations black widow Yelena "and" American secret agent John Walker ".

These characters on the line are also in line with my earlier predictions in the tweet some of the characters will become members of the "Thunder team", if the final hammer, then the Countess will certainly be in the movie universe instead of the original "Red Hulk" General Ross to form The one who will replace the original "Red Hulk" General Ross in the movie universe.


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