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Black bat king a voice of power

Counting the comic book universe 5 "king" strength

By Chris PagianPublished 5 months ago 5 min read

In the Marvel Universe, in addition to our familiar single-armed type of heroic role, there are many heroes behind the role who represent a whole race or extraterrestrial forces, and these are pushed to the forefront of the role, is often this force on behalf of the "King".

For this Marvel Universe "King", some are born to be gods, some are from the alien higher civilization's experimental products, exactly who are they?

Look down.

[1] Black Bat King, combat power index: ★★★★★.

As the king of the Inhumans, there may be many fans who see the Black Bat King's "combat index" as 5 stars when some doubt, indeed, in the previous "Wanda family search" movie, supporting the Comic Book Illuminati online Black Bat King, is said to be the whole scene death "laughs" The best one, not even a sound, was Wanda to kill.

But in fact, in the original Black Bat King's proposed sonic attack power can kill God's degree!

In the comic book "Exterminator" personal issue comic, Exterminator because the "title" of the entire comic book series, unexpectedly became the strongest person in the entire comic book series, not only destroying the Earth but also destroying the reunion, which once had a fist fight Marvel almighty gods, kicked half of the Marvel Universe powerful posture.

It is also in this comic, that there is such a scene.

The face of the towering Marvel gods gradually comes towards the exterminator, ready to deliver a devastating blow, but the exterminator at this time is indeed not the slightest bit afraid, turning his hand to have been dying by the chain-locked Black Bat King dragged over, while the sky gods group close, a direct punch blasted in the abdomen of the Black Bat King, under the severe pain of the Black Bat King, directly open his mouth.

Instantly, terrifying sonic energy was released explosively, hitting the approaching Heavenly God group, and it was the Black Bat King's voice of pain that directly turned all the Heavenly God group into dust and pieces in a moment!

No coincidence!

In the Marvel comic book "Secret War", the exterminator had to find his offspring with the Inhuman woman, directly led the invasion of the Inhuman kingdom "Attilan", the comic book of the Black Bat King chose to fight the exterminator alone, in this comic book Black Bat King directly a roar nearly crushed the entire Attilan, sound waves so close to the exterminator all battle armor ashes, spare the exterminator this amount of physical strength almost does not carry.

So, the original Marvel Black Bat King is still very strong, but, the movie is a little water ~

[2] Black Panther, combat power index: ★★★★☆.

In the original Marvel setting, Black Panther as the king of Wakanda, the combat power in the regular plot is not too eye-catching, basically considered the second echelon of strength reserves, however, behind the Wakanda support, Black Panther can mobilize the comprehensive strength is still relatively strong.

In other Marvel universes, such as the "Ultimate Universe", Black Panther's strength has been comparable to the multiverse gods of the high moment, in the comic book "Ultimate Team v3", had set, Chaos and order by the villain boss "First Order" compulsion, directly in the Marvel Universe rebellion. Directly in the Marvel Universe rebellion, and with the help of intermediaries merged into the "Logos", with the help of the Dark God group, the entire Ultimate Universe set off a multiverse war.

To confront the Logos Ultimate Universe Ultimate Warriors team online, and which the Black Panther is to Wakanda's prehistoric tomb of God, summoned the "Tiger Spirit", in the state of possession with the Tiger Spirit, Black Panther directly with the lowest level of the multiverse hard Logos.

So, although Black Panther strength does not have the bug set, but is not weak.

[3] Dr. Doom, combat power index: ★★★★★.

Also, a five-star "King", many fans who have read the comics, I believe that Dr. Doom should not be unfamiliar, as the ability to confront the Earth's smartest character "Mr. Fantastic" in the villainous setting, Dr. Doom, itself is also Marvel fictionalized a small Eastern European country Latovinia's controller.

Although the positioning is a small country, under the control of Dr. Doom, Latovinia is gradually becoming a country in the Marvel Universe can not be underestimated, even the Avengers for this doom's control of the country to infiltrate is just difficult.

This is not to mention, that Dr. Doom's technology, magic dual training, in technology is not weak as Stark this grade, in magic, just by self-learning is enough to rival Strange.

And for Doom, familiar fans know that his most buggy place is that a lot of Marvel involving the ultimate power of the universe in the big event have his figure, Doom is also several times dyed enough to destroy the power of the entire universe, typically in the "Secret War", Doom acquired beyond the power of the gods, creating a "fighting world", in this world, Doom is the king of God, he almost according to his He reshaped the entire rules of reality almost to his liking.

So, in terms of combat power or threat index, Dr. Doom can afford five stars.

[4] Namor, combat power index: ★★★★★☆.

In a way, Namor in combat power positioning and Wakanda's Black Panther are similar, in the comics Namor had set off a monstrous tsunami, to Wakanda after a seawater bath, and Black Panther had also led Wakanda's warriors, the Atlantis underground several underwater city-states to blood.

So, the original Wakanda and Atlantis maintained a long period of hatred between them, Namor in the original belonged to the mutant setting, the strength in the ocean home field is not bad, but on land to relatively weaken some, so, comprehensive, and Black Panther similar to it ~

Of course, if Namor can collect his temper and move to get into trouble personality, it is estimated that his strength can also be half a star.

【5】 Thor, combat power index: ★★★★★.

Thor can be said that whether in the comic or movie universe, is a relatively core first-line role, the film today may take more into account the role of strength balance, so its character slightly transformed, quite some comic style.

In the original, especially in the current stage, Thor replaced Odin and became the father of the gods of Asgard, Thor's combat power skyrocketed no one on Earth's regular Avengers characters can withstand Thor's storm attack, and this does not count Thor as Asgardian that "the older the tougher" racial buff.

So, in the regular stage of Marvel's plot setting, excluding the case of plot kill, Thor's strengths are top.


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