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Best Photography Jobs For Freelancers

How to start working as a freelance photographer: step-by-step guide for aspiring photographers.

By Boryana StefanovaPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

Are you demonstrating incredible skills each time you stand behind a camera? Do your friends secretly envy your photography skills?

If you nod in agreement to these two questions, you might be an ideal candidate for a brand-new career. How does being a professional photographer sound to you? Can you see yourself earning a living by taking high-quality images?

Many photography jobs available online will pay you more than your current nine-to-five job. And if taking pictures is your biggest passion, there is no reason not to give the professional photography career a try.

But how do you become a professional photographer? What do you have to do to get started? Ultimately, can you break into an industry that is quite saturated?

Even though you'll face tons of competition as a freelance photographer, going after your dream job is still worth the effort. As long as taking images is what you want to do with your love, it's never too late to try your luck in the field.

Before you do anything, you'll have to make a couple of important decisions. One of them is choosing a photography niche. The best way to start earning well as a photographer is by picking any of the following photography niches:

1) Event Photography

Nowadays, event photography is probably the most lucrative niche for newbie photographers. Event photography requires taking images at different events, such as weddings, office parties, graduations, etc.

A popular sub-niche of event photography is weddings. As you can guess, working as a photographer at a wedding will bring you more than the average pay rate. Of course, the more lavish the wedding is, the better.

2) Product Photography

What should you understand by product photography? Being a product photographer means that you'll take high-quality images for brands and businesses.

Millions of companies invest tons of money to ensure their clients see the best image of their products. That's where the product photographer comes in!

3) Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is next on the list of lucrative photography niches you can build a career in. If you love looking at fashion items all day (and taking a picture of them), that niche will be the perfect fit for you.

Networking is essential for fashion photographers. Don't underestimate the importance of establishing connections in your field. You never know who will recommend you for working at a fashion event.

4) Real Estate Photography

People worldwide sell houses daily, and other individuals buy them. And who works hard to ensure that potential clients see the best image of a house possible? That's right - the real estate photographers do.

Real estate photography includes interior and exterior design photography. Your responsibilities as a real estate photographer will vary, depending on the specific project.

Do you have a niche in mind after seeing the best ones above? Hopefully, you do because we're moving to the next stage of your photography journey - finding the best job possible.

Where do you find high-paying freelance photography jobs? Will all of them require you to visit a physical location? Actually, you can find many photography gigs from the comfort of your home:

Firstly, you can start looking for a job at industry-specific photography job boards. Such job boards are The Creative Loft, Get Photography Jobs and the Ship Cruise Jobs.

Secondly, you'll move on to general job boards. While these boards list remote jobs in all industries, they show available photography gigs.

Lastly, you'll direct your attention to the best websites that buy stock images. Join as many of these platforms as you can. Stock photography websites often pay royalties for the images you sell, and that will help you build a passive income stream.

What happens next? Well, it's time for you to grab the camera, start doing your magic behind it, and build your dream career from scratch!


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