Beginner Photography

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Dipping My Toes into Photography

Beginner Photography
Mobile Bay Taken on IPhone 7 Plus 

Photography is not something I planned to do as a hobby. It fell right into my lap. It began when I had a friend begin playing rugby. She invited me to her games and after a while I began snapping photos with my phone and posting them on FB. Soon I pulled out my little Nikon handheld camera and started to bring them to games. The pictures were grainy and just plain old bad. However, I became known as someone who enjoyed taking pictures at the game.

The Beginning Stages

Months later, I started up a Tumblr of all the pictures I’d taken. Despite the camera, the quality was still pretty good. The team referred to me as the photographer. I began to think that maybe I should start taking this serious. Websites were visited, prices were checked, and all the good cameras were expensive as hell.

So as I searched for cameras, I continued bettering my pictures with what I had and it worked for a long time. People enjoyed the shots I was getting, but that only made me want to do better.

The Come Up

When I knew I would never be able to fork over $300 for a brand new camera, I got the idea to hit up some pawn shops. Thankfully, it didn’t take long for me to stumble on just what I needed. I visited a pawn shop on the first day of my search and they had a Canon Rebel XS for 100 some odd dollars. I was willing to spend at least $200 so it was in my price range. When I asked the guy if I could see it, he gladly took it out of the case. However, it wouldn’t turn on. Come to find out the battery was completely dead and they didn’t have a charger. The guy turned to his manager and let her know the dilemma and suddenly she was asking how much I’d give for it.

What!? I didn’t know what to do or what number to throw out. Surely wanting to get rid of the camera that probably didn’t even work, she asked if I would take it for $50.

Uh, hell yeah!

I walked out of the pawn shop 10 minutes later with a camera that probably didn’t even work, but it was a risk I was taking. In my mind, I knew it worked. I just needed a new battery.

Two hours and three stores later, I couldn’t find the battery ANYWHERE!! I was out of hope and almost out of gas. Thankfully, I remembered a local camera place and with a little hope lingering, I went there. They had the battery... for $60 and the charger for $40! I spent less on the damn camera, but I sucked it up and swiped my card. Afterwards, I hurried to my car and ripped the battery pack open, hoping and prayer that this camera turned on and I didn’t waste $150.

With a sigh of relief, it turned on and I drove home victorious, ready for the next rugby game.

Bigger and Better

I was very happy with my new camera for the first few games until I came across a few problems with the original lenses that came with the camera. It didn’t have a lot of zoom and lacked in quality areas. The pictures still looked great and the compliments were rolling in, but I knew I could do better.

Knowing that I wanted a new lens, my loving spouse purchased me a bigger $300 lens for Christmas.

I cried and haven’t looked back since.

Despite having my camera for almost two years, I still don’t know it as well as I should so it’s a work in progress to figure out all the settings. I love what I do. I love taking pictures and it’s become a hobby I want to keep doing for a long time.

Photography in general is something I love. When I don’t have my camera, my phone manages to get the job done as well.

Photography is life.

T.C. Bosarge
T.C. Bosarge
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