Artful Expression

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Artful Expression

As a blossoming individual, I truly compensate my passion for life with the elegant vision captured by my own two eyes. Life is always an enigma; however, my running mind feels rest when the perfect moment of a blissful scene is captured by a camera. A truly flawless moment is ignited by an image; a true moment of awe. For a second everything is frozen because it has been captured on film. I hope my photographs encourage you to look beyond the surface, and conclude a strong ideology from your own brain. Empowerment to the soul is all that is needed, and hopefully my photographs will do you justice

unfortunately.... the full image is too many megabytes 😞 however, maybe then you will pursue me.

This photo was taken in my backyard, the first day my father bought me my first camera! It was truly a spectacular time because looking back, I realized I have always had a talent for admiring nature. As my 18th year passes, my life flashes before my eyes. Along with each second passing, is a glorious moment screaming out to me, “CAPTURE THIS!”

Years later at my High School, I submitted the full photo to my photography class (as well as National Geographic, but to be honest I never truly thought I would have a chance). The entire class called me “google” for the entirety of the semester following that one harsh Monday. I was saddened because of the heart and soul I ingrained in my photo because no one would truly appreciate ‘my’ art. My teacher never challenged me to pursue my passion, neither did she believe I took the photo. It dimmed my shine because all I have ever wanted was to share my eyes with the world in it’s entirety. I hope this is real, and I hope you come across my page.

My best friend annie convinced me to submit, so I guess shout out to her.

Throughout my years of life, I remember trying to take mental pictures of my favorite moments. I utilized all my 5 senses to truly engage in the picturesque scene. I never truly knew how remarkable that trait could be. Looking back, I remember the very scent of the earth when I looked beyond the limits of the sky in Switzerland. It was my absolute favorite place. Peace reigned my being because there, I truly felt connected to the earth. However, this did not do me justice— which is why I became one with the camera. Through this, I learned to embrace nature through my eyes and learned to share my vision with the world.

If you do not share your gifts, then what are you doing? Giving became ultimately more rewarding than taking. As a human on this earth, I learned to utilize the tools of the universe to my benefit and the benefit of humanity.

I truly believe the blessings of the earth are meant to unite those running around unconsciously. Consciousness became my first step to dictating my future. In this way, you must be aware of the bad in order to appreciate the good. The colors of the universe will become apparent if you search hard enough. Taking life one blink at a time, or even one click of the camera, you are destined to find your qualities. There is no right or wrong way to do things.

There is always another obstacle to endure... yet another path is available.

I consider myself an engineer of artistry— giving a new life to what others take for granted. ALWAYS working towards ‘all form of artful expression.’ Social justice has nearly become a new concept for those striving for equality. As information comes to light, transparency to human nature becomes real. ‘Unnatural-ness’ is soon to become naturalness, and it all starts with individualization. How do we become individuals— personal expression.

Natalie Odom
Natalie Odom
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