Amazing Color Blue Pictures to Inspire You

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And its uses in the world… of architecture, art and fashion.

Amazing Color Blue Pictures to Inspire You
Wheatfield Under Thunderclouds (July 1890). Painting Vincent Van Gogh.

I have been thinking…I love blue color. Why do People Think Blue World is a Good Idea?

Your Blue World May Never Works Out the Way You Plan.

This blue world here is not your blue world. 

Blue is one of the primary colors of pigments in painting and traditional color theory, as well as in the RGB color model. It lies between violet and green on the spectrum of visible light. Wikipedia.

Yeh, the color blue used to create a mood and atmosphere. A cobalt blue sky, and cobalt or ultramarine water…all kind of blues in art and fashion and design...

And in architecture…Where you see blue in your city? In the sky or in a blue sea?

Or on walls?…look at this blue walls in Morocco. What about your house painted in blue? This one looks great.

A blue house in Chefchaouen, Morocco.

Blue City. Chefchaouen, Morocco. From architecturehub

And, the blue facade of the One World Trade Center, New York.

Blue… Freedom Tower New York City NYC and the blue sky.

An impressive Building… De Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Tile on the facade of the Friday Mosque in Herat, Afghanistan (15th century).

Decoration in the Murat III hall of the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul (16th century).

In the Islamic World, blue and turquoise tile traditionally decorates the facades and exteriors of mosques and other religious buildings. 

This mosque is in Isfahan, Iran.

Facade, Mosque in Isfahan, Iran.

Blue in Fashion.

Thomas Gainsborough's The Blue Boy includes "the lavish lapis lazuli, the darker indigo pigment and the paler cobalt.

Thomas Gainsborough's The Blue Boy includes "the lavish lapis lazuli, the darker indigo pigment and the paler cobalt.

Joseph Leeson, later 1st Earl of Milltown, in the typical dress of the English country gentleman in the 1730s.

1730sThe prussian blue, the color of the uniforms of the army of Prussia, was invented in about 1706

Joseph Leeson, later 1st Earl of Milltown.

And a man of the Tuareg people of North Africa wears a tagelmust or turban dyed with indigo. 

The blue man of the desert

"the blue men" of the desert.

Blue in Art.

A plat 45cm grand feu bleu de cobalt, collection privée, Musée du pain d'épice de Gertwiller.

Plat 45cm grand feu bleu de cobaltChemistry of the blue. This is the chemical structure of indigo dye, a widely produced blue dye. Blue jeans consist of 1–3% by weight of this organic compound.

Closeup of the blue, lapis lazuli inlays used for the irises in the Statue of Ebih-Il, dating to the twenty-fifth century BC, discovered in the temple of Ishtar at Mari.

Close up. The Statue of Ebih-Il.Egyptian blue color in a tomb painting (c. 1500 BC)

Egyptian blue color in a tomb painting

The stone.

The semi-precious stone lapis lazuli was used in ancient Egypt for jewelry and ornament and later, in the Renaissance.

Lapis lazuli with pyrite. Afghanistan.

The pigment ultramarine made with lapis lazuli is the most expensive of all pigments.

The blue colors are everywhere around you. 

Why is blue the best color?

Blue is described as a favorite color by many people and is the color most preferred by men. 

Because blue is favored by so many people, it is viewed as a comfort color that can seem conservative and traditional. 

Blue evokes feelings of calm and serenity.

Blue has been an important color in art and decoration since ancient times. 

In digital drawings.

Two digital artworks in minimal blue, just blue…no needs to pigments, they were made digitally with an iPad. 

Digital drawing by RegiaArt

Blue geometric digital art.

Hope to see you again. 

Thank you.

_Regia Marinho

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