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All the Features You Need in a Video Editor

The Best Loved AI Online Video Editor

By Dolvie N.Published 4 months ago Updated 3 days ago 7 min read
All the Features You Need in a Video Editor
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If you've ever wanted to make a video from a text, Pictory is the tool for you. Fully online and cloud-based, Pictory turns your blog posts and articles into videos. It even automatically adds subtitles and captions. It's popular among YouTube creators.


Pictory is a good option for people who want a simple video editor and don't want to shell out big bucks on a professional software. The basic plan costs $23/month and lets you upload up to 30 videos. You can also record your own voiceovers and export videos in 1080p. The paid plans come with different levels of features and prices.

If you plan to use Pictory as your main video editor, it has some unique features that make it great for different types of content. For example, you can create a highlight video from a blog post or create a short version from a longer video. Pictory also allows you to add custom branding and captions to your videos. You can also use custom Intro and Outro tags to further customize your videos. This is an ideal tool for product demonstrations, video podcasts, and e-learning.

If you need subtitles for your videos, Pictory has an AI engine that lets you add them automatically. It also includes a voice over option that lets you choose from over 40 different accents. You can also record your own voiceovers within the app and auto-sync them for a seamless effect.

Spoke is another great feature that lets you insert scenes from other videos. Unlike Wisecut, Spoke lets you edit your video LIVE. You can record your screen while working on another project, record your webinar while it's in progress, and edit it in real time. This feature also allows you to highlight specific sections of the video and turn them into a scene.


The iMovie video editor comes with a wide range of video editing features. It allows you to add transitions between clips, insert text or objects from Elements, and export your video. You can even name your finished project. After finishing your video, it will be ready for sharing.

Some of the most common video editing features in iMovie include basic editing, splitting large video files, adding titles, rotating and zooming, and cropping. In addition, you can apply transitions and slow motion. You can also apply color correction and stabilise your video with a variety of tools.

Depending on the style of your video, there may be different settings you need to tweak. For instance, you may want to increase or decrease the video speed if you're creating a time-lapse video. Fortunately, iMovie makes this easy to do. To access the speed editor, simply right-click on the video. The speed editor will appear as a slider bar on top of your video.

Another useful feature in iMovie is its Equaliser. You can easily edit audio levels, boost or reduce the bass and treble, and add beat markers to your video. The Equaliser also lets you choose a background soundtrack, add voiceover, and apply fade-in and fade-out effects to your audio.


PowerDirector is a video editing suite from CyberLink that is both powerful and user-friendly. Its clean, simple interface allows for quick editing, and it regularly receives updates with powerful new features. The new version also makes it easier to duplicate titles and clips. The app also has a cleaner interface and includes upgrades to keyframe tools and colour matching.

PowerDirector has four different editing modes that give you the flexibility to work on your videos. You can use the Storyboard mode to tie clips together and apply transitions and effects. It also has a Magic Movie Wizard to walk you through the process. It also comes with pre-made motion graphics, stock images, and fonts to help you create stunning videos.

If you're a beginner, Pictory is probably not for you. While the software does not have as many advanced features as the premium competition, it's easy to get started with its beginner-friendly interface. It's free, and it also includes a mobile version that lets you work on your videos while on the go.

PowerDirector is a popular video editor for Mac and Windows. It has all the features you'd expect from a video editor, including the ability to resize, crop, rotate, and mirror clips. Moreover, it comes with a full-featured editor, which allows you to customise and apply many different types of visual effects. It also supports various file formats, including 3D and 360-degree videos.


The InShot video editor is a simple application with a user-friendly interface. Its settings can be adjusted easily, and you can even use stickers to make your videos more appealing. Adding text and stickers to a video is simple; all you need to do is find the TEXT button in InShot and type in your text. You can also customise the font and size of your text. It also supports subtitles and entrance animation, which is great if you want to show a little more personality to your videos.

This program also lets you add filters and effects to your videos. It offers a wide range of filters and effects, including sharpen, saturation, tint, contrast, brightness, and transitions. Although this application primarily edits videos, you can also use it to edit one image at a time.

InShot is not a complex video editor, but it does offer plenty of features. It offers tools for trimming clips, applying transition effects, changing the speed, and rotating and flipping your footage. While this program has many useful features, it does come with ads and watermarks, so if you want to remove these, you should upgrade to the pro version. Otherwise, this free software is a great option for basic video editing.

When you edit videos, the app also offers a built-in music library, making the process easier and faster than ever. For example, you can add a background music track or an album cover to your videos. The app also lets you add a title and author name to your videos. It also offers exporting options to Dropbox and Photos.


If you're looking for a free video editing application that includes the basic features and advanced features, you should check out FilmoraGo. This app allows you to add videos, photos, stickers, and special effects to your images. It also lets you add a background and change the aspect ratio.

FilmoraGo features a very easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface and includes a multitude of video effects. It also has a template section for quick movie creation. Although this free app lacks some features, it offers a variety of extras that make it worth a subscription.

This app lets you add text, stickers, and titles to your videos. You can also choose from a vast library of free soundtracks. Another free video editing option is Canva, an online design service that has recently expanded its capabilities to include video editing. It has an image library and templates that you can use to create your video. With the advanced editing options and powerful artificial intelligence, FilmoraGo makes your video creation experience more enjoyable and effective.

FilmoraGo also allows you to select content from a variety of sources, including your social media accounts. To do this, you need to log in to your account and choose the content you want to add. Once you've selected the content, you'll see it move into the blue arrow at the bottom left corner of the application. As you add more content, the number of photos in this section will increase. If you don't want to keep adding new content to the project, you can delete or duplicate it.

If you're a blogger who wants to repurpose your content, Pictory is a must-have tool. It allows you to convert your blog posts into videos and post them to YouTube or other social media platforms. The software uses artificial intelligence (AI) to remove filler words and silences, and automatically adds subtitles and captions to your videos. Many YouTube creators use Pictory to create their videos.

You can upload regular videos, convert them to reel-format and create highlight and trailer videos. The application also allows you to add your own voiceovers, customise captions and add custom branding to your videos. You can also add BGM to your videos and adjust volume levels. Pictory is perfect for videos used for social media such as YouTube, e-learning or video podcasts.

While InVideo is better for video editing, Pictory offers more advanced features, including voiceovers. The software also has a trial version that allows you to try it out before you buy it. Pictory is available in several languages and is free for personal use.

Another key feature is the Picture-in-Picture feature. Unlike Spoke and Pictory, Wisecut allows you to highlight certain sections of a video. It does this by clicking on a button. Then, you can watch your video. You can also insert a caption or a thought bubble.

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