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Wild little leopard cat transforms into a mewling monster after experiencing the life of a pet cat

by xiaozi 2 months ago in cat
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Stray cats are disliked by many officials. One important reason is that they are wild, violent and unfriendly. Only with this kind of personality can stray cats survive outdoors. Like humans, cats' personalities change depending on their environment and the people they interact with. They are not deliberately distancing themselves from humans, but are simply forced to do so. If, let them feel the kindness of human beings, the warmth of the environment, once unruly stray cats will become gentle and pleasant to earth!

Last year, a litter of kittens was found in a warehouse in western Quebec, Canada, and its owner, Joanne, contacted Orphan Cat Rescue, a cat rescue service about seven hours away, to help rescue the litter together.

With the help of professional rescuers, Joanne was able to bring the three kittens and two adult cats to safety. The kittens were then transported to a rescue center for adoption, while the older cats were neutered and placed in Joanne's care.

Just when everyone thought the rescue operation was successful, Joanne found a small leopard cat hiding in a cardboard box.

The tiny leopard cat, named Jenny, was about six months old at the time and was terrified. She was so nervous and hungry that she kept curling herself up in a corner and wouldn't allow anyone to come near her. Her face was confused and scared.

With the help of a volunteer, Jenny was transported to a rescue center in Montreal, where she was examined and neutered before being placed in a foster home that would accept her.

After settling down, people soon find that under Jenny's timid and fearful appearance, there is a sweet heart longing to be loved.

At first, although Jenny still prefers to curl up in her own little world, she is clearly curious about her new environment. After a while of getting used to it, she quietly takes small steps every day to trust the people and environment a little more.

Slowly feeling the kindness of the people around her and the safety of the environment, Jenny finally plucked up the courage to step out of the cat cage and find a more comfortable blanket for her perch.

After getting familiar with people, Jenny becomes confident and cheerful. She likes to be close to people she knows, and loves to be caressed and taken care of. Whenever the shoveler encounters her, she will grunt in response, and she prefers to sleep beside the shoveler and enjoy the warmth of love.

The once distant little beaver flower had grown into a mewling clingy monster. Whenever he woke up in the morning, he would purr, beat the shovel with his big, multi-toed PAWS, and let the shovel play with him. If the shoveler stops petting him, he will stare at him disapprovingly until the petting resumes.

Confident Jenny will no longer be cowering in the corner and trembling, she will voluntarily jump on the computer desk, in front of the remote office of the supervisor to pay attention to her.

Fast forward to more than a year in foster care, and the warehouse kitten has fallen in love with her indoor life as a pet cat, looking for a new home that will give her all the attention and love she needs.

Now Jennie was being treated like a princess, sitting in the arms of the pooper, stomping on the milk with her big PAWS, and filling the room with her purring noises, while dreaming of her happily ever after


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