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Why You Should Feed Your Dog Grain-Free Food

Did you know that feeding your dog grain-free food can possibly reduce food allergies? These are the great reasons to feed your dog grain-free food.

By Penny NewtonPublished 6 years ago 7 min read

When there are grain-free foods, it basically means that there are no forms of wheat, corn, rice, barley, oats, and other foods that are labeled as grains. These are the types of foods that are solely based on fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, beans, nuts, and anything else that isn't a grain. And many people choose to eat grain-free meals for many purposes and benefits. Not to mention that you, too, can give your dog grain-free foods!

Since we want the best for our pets, we try to feed our dogs foods that they will love and are great for their bodies. That's why so many dog owners consider giving their pups grain-free foods for the advantages. If you're wondering what great advantages grain-free foods give to your dog, these are the reasons to feed your dog grain-free food.

Even if your dog is already extremely energetic, grain-free foods do provide your pet with even more energy! There might be times when the food you give your dog might make him feel sluggish and tired. But grain-free foods won't cause your dog to feel sluggish! It'll boost their energy because of the more protein their getting.

While grain-free foods are mainly based on protein, this gives your pet a lot more energy. So if you feel like your dog is tired almost all the time, consider feeding her grain-free food. You're sure to see a difference in their energy levels. And a great-tasting grain-free dog food is the one by Beneful! Featuring farm-raised chicken, there are also hints of blueberries, pumpkin, and spinach in the meal!

It helps keep your dog fuller longer.

Without a doubt, grain-free foods help keep your dog feeling fuller much longer than any other type of food. There are moments when our dogs get hungry literally an hour after they've finished a bowl of food. And we try not to overfeed them to prevent them from gaining weight.

To keep them on a well-balance diet and avoid over-feeding them, offering you pup grain-free foods is a better option if you want them to stay full longer. They'll stay happy and full for a while and you won't have to keep feeding them whenever they're begging for food. This is easily one of the reasons to feed your dog grain-free food.

It can possibly reduce food allergies.

Believe it or not, many dogs suffer with food allergies. And when any of them do ingest a food that they're allergic to... the aftermath isn't so pretty. So, from the best reasons to feed your dog grain-free food, it can possibly reduce food allergies! If you're pup is dealing with any form of food allergy, feeding her grain-free foods can not only reduce the allergies, but they'll love the food itself!

In fact, there are specific types of breeds that have higher chances of getting food allergies. From Boxers to Retrievers, Dachshunds, Dalmatians, Springer Spaniels, and others, these breeds are higher at risk for getting any form of food allergy. So, this is certainly a reason to provide your dog with grain-free food.

There are so many foods out there that can cause a reaction to the dog's skin. However, grain-free foods don't cause any harsh reactions to the dog's skin. In actuality, it benefits their skin by making it much healthier!

Among the real reasons to feed your dog grain-free food, your pup can develop a healthier looking skin. So, if your dog is suffering with any form of rash or anything else that's bothering their skin, try switching their diet to grain-free foods. This should heal their skin and even make their skin feel and look a lot healthier. A fantastic grain-free meal for your pup is Pure Balance's Chicken and Pea Recipe. Including all-natural ingredients, your pet will fall in love with this.

It causes fewer and smaller stools.

I'm sure we all hate picking up our dog's poop... especially if they literally emptied out their system. But did you know that feeding your dog grain-free food can reduce the size of their stool? It's true.

Since grain-free foods don't have any grains in them but mainly protein and vegetables, this decreases the size of their stools and causes them to poop less. If they constantly have to go and you constantly have to take them out, try feeding them grain-free food. This should definitely reduce their poop time and even the amount they need letting out. Gross, I know, but it's a great advantage!

It also gives your dog a shinier coat.

We all love to see how shiny our dog's coats are. And if their coats are starting to look dull, we try to fix that by feeding them treats, snacks, and meals that causes shinier coats. Instead of searching and searching for treats to feed your pup, consider grain-free foods!

Yup, from the reasons to feed your dog grain-free food, it can give you dog the shiniest coat you've ever seen. Since these foods are loaded with protein and vegetables, they enhance the texture and appearance of your pup's fur. And having a shiner coat is never a bad thing.

Your dog shedding less is easily one of the reasons to feed your dog grain-free food. Especially if your dog possesses long fur, it can get everywhere. From your bed to the living room couch, the carpet, and the kitchen floor, we despise having to clean up the loose strands of fur that our dogs leave behind with pet fur removers.

But if your dog sheds like it's nothing, try feeding him grain-free food. They certainly help with shedding and after feeding your dog this type of diet, you should notice the amount they shed reducing! And I know most of us dog owners desperately want this. However, Merrick's grain-free dog food won't disappoint you or your dog, because it features delicious ingredients like real Texas beef and sweet potato to satisfy your dog's hunger.

Their breaths are more bearable, too.

Oh, man. Sometimes, our dog's breath is just too unbearable to handle, we literally have to feed them dental chews that help with bad breath or simply brush their teeth with a dog-friendly brushing kit. But is that really enough to conceal their bad breath?

Another great alternative in hiding your furry friend's bad breath is with grain-free food! Grain-free food definitely doesn't leave behind a nasty smell in your dog's mouth like many dog foods out there. So after feeding your dog grain-free meals, you won't have to worry about their breath smelling afterwards.

It reduces flatulence.

This is certainly just as bad as the shedding, but there are times when the food we give our dogs causes them to let out gas... and a lot of it. The worst is when we're literally sitting by them and they let out the worst smell we've ever smelled. And this is all because of us who fed them that new dog food that was on sale.

However, among the best reasons to feed your dog grain-free food, it reduces flatulence! Whenever we feed our dogs grain-free food, we're sure that no flatulence will be followed sometime throughout the day. Plus when there's no flatulence, their tummies won't hurt, either.

Lastly from the ideal reasons to feed your dog grain-free food is that it's a whole lot easier for them to digest it. There are so many grains out there that give our dogs a hard time to digest. And we certainly hate seeing our dogs dealing with the worst digestion problems, mainly because we're the ones who gave them the food.

This is why grain-free foods are a better option when it comes to feeding them. When there are no grains in the meals that you're giving, this makes it way easier for them to digest. So when they're not dealing with digestion problems, they're happy, and so are we. And you can't miss out on giving Natural Balance a shot. Since they're among the popular dog food brands out there, their grain-free sweet potato and fish recipe is a meal that people continue to buy.


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