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Why My Dog Fell in Love with Ollie

....and why yours will too.

By Jade RichardsPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

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“What is the best food to feed your dog?” A question I have Googled a million times in the last 10 years. If you are anything like me (wanting to make sure you are doing right by your pets), I bet you’ve also Googled this question and in doing so, you may have found that there is a plethora of information and strong opinions on dog nutrition. Information including but not limited to: grain-free, grain inclusive, raw only, fresh, kibble is bad, kibble is good, Big 5, boutique brands… probably leaving you more confused and overwhelmed than before you decided to ask The Google (I affectionately call Google, “The Google,” and I have no idea why but here we are).

Finding the perfect balance between health, taste, and individual preferences can feel like a daunting and overwhelming task, it was for me. Our journey took a turn when we discovered Ollie dog food. Not only does Ollie share a name with one of our dogs, they have a variety of meals, both fresh and baked, and can also cater to dogs with allergies to specific proteins. Here are some reasons why Ollie has become a staple in our dogs’ dishes and why you might want to consider it, too.

A very good boi named Ollie

Ollie offers three customizable meal plans with distinct options tailored to meet different canine requirements. These options include a full fresh plan (100% fresh food), a half-fresh plan (50% fresh food to supplement current food), and a mixed plan (Ollie’s baked formula + fresh). Although we have done the mixed plan in the past, we are currently utilizing the half fresh plan.

Ollie haul

The half-fresh option provides us with the goodness of fresh ingredients and allows us to strike a balance between the benefits of a fresh diet and the simplicity of kibble. It's a win-win for our dogs and us—providing optimal nutrition without compromising on convenience.

PS. Thawed Ollie works great in a Toppl, lick mat, and other enrichment feeders. 12/10 would recommend.

12/10 recommend Ollie on a lick mat.

Ollie’s Protein Options:

One of the aspects of Ollie that truly impressed me was the variety in protein choices. Our dog Ollie has a sensitivity to chicken, and finding a high-quality, chicken-free option was a top priority. While Ollie does include chicken in their protein line up, they also include beef, lamb, pork, and turkey. The baked varieties include chicken and beef protein options. These options ensure that Ollie can enjoy a delicious and nutritious meal without any adverse reactions. My dogs absolutely go feral over the baked food and the baked food doubles as a high-value treat during training sessions.

Gone are the days of lugging heavy bags of dog food from the store to home thanks to services like DoorDash and Chewy and like Chewy, Ollie's home delivery service brings your meal plan of choice straight to your doorstep. The food is packaged with ice and insulation and most of the packaging is recyclable. This not only saves time and effort but ensures that our dogs never run out of their favorite meals while being cognizant of our environment.

Everything you need (scoop, container, feeding instructions, and a surprise lick mat!) comes in mostly recyclable packaging. Yours will say your dog's name...mine just happens to be Ollie.

Spotlight on Ingredient Quality

Transparency is key when it comes to our pets' nutrition. Ollie's commitment to quality ingredients is evident in its recipes, featuring real meat, fruits, and vegetables. You can literally see the fruits and vegetables in each formula. The absence of artificial additives, fillers, and by-products reassures me that our dogs are getting the wholesome nutrition they deserve. Honestly, they eat better than I do and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Real fruits and vegetables that you can see in every package (Ollie Pork and Apples)

Embarking on the Ollie dog food journey has been a revelation, bringing joy, health, and convenience to our fur-filled home. The half-fresh budget friendly option, diverse protein choices, home delivery service, and commitment to high-quality ingredients make Ollie a standout choice in the crowded market of dog foods. As a dedicated pet parent, I'm thrilled to have found a brand that not only shares a name with one of my dogs, but aligns with my values and, more importantly, keeps my dogs healthy and happy.

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