Why Does My Dog Eat Everything?

by Kate Parkinson 2 years ago in dog

Literally Everything

Why Does My Dog Eat Everything?

I have two very gorgeous dogs. One of them is a rescue border collie and the other a golden retriever we got when she was a puppy. Our border does nothing at all. She sleeps then eats her food, then goes outside, then sleeps again and the cycle starts all over again. However our three year old golden retriever destroys anything. I have had to use the excuse the dog ate my homework many a times and it isn't even an excuse she actually eats my homework, alongside my textbooks and my glasses. A lot of people tell me, "Yeah, but it's your fault for leaving them lying around." Well tell me this then somebody who doesn't own a dog, how did she manage to get my glasses from the table, chew through the glasses case, and then chew my glasses? It is however, sometimes amusing when I come home and I can tell from the look in her eyes that she has done something bad and me trying to find what she has done like an amateur police TV drama, but then I remember I'm not on CSI and now I have a mess to clear up and she destroyed something potentially valuable. I also worry for the safety of her insides, all that debris she's eaten must have had some damage on her, oh wait I have to clear that up too when she vomits all over the rug. The list of things she has destroyed is:

  • Several pieces of homework
  • A chemistry textbook
  • My glasses (and the case)
  • A laptop charger
  • Logs for the fire
  • A TV remote
  • Her lead
  • My contact lenses (not sure how she got these as they were in the bathroom where she can't get to)
  • A calculator
  • Lots of pens

And lots more stuff that I can't name otherwise you'd be reading this all week. It's very strange because when she was a puppy she was so very well behaved and she didn't chew or eat anything, then she started to do it and I was told it's just her "teenage years" so shed act up a bit. However surely her teenage years are over and she should have grown out of it by now.

I also don't know how to punish her either, because by the time I have found out what she has done the experts say she won't remember doing it, but I bet she does because the way she looks at me with those big brown sad eyes is her way of admitting to it, but they just make her look so cute.

I know what you might be thinking, how do I know it is not our other dog doing all of these things, well she is a very old rescue dog, and we don't really know how old she is but the vet recons that she is probably around 15. For a dog that's old, as in dog years that's 105, could you imagine your 105 year old great grandmother going around chewing everything she sees? Probably not, or hopefully not other wise you might want to get her checked out. Our rescue dog is also partially blind and has barely any teeth so I highly doubt she has the capability to carry out such violent attacks on my personal belongings.

Anyways I guess I wrote this to see if anyone has any tips on trying to stop her doing this before she hurts herself. I did think that she'd grow out of it, but she seems to be getting worse.

Thanks for the help.

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