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When love was found in paws

Realizations of a first-time dog owner

By James E. AnduyanPublished 30 days ago 3 min read

I've never thought I would want a dog before as I'm terribly afraid of animals. I don't dislike them in general or pets in particular; I just don't enjoy the thought of having them in our home. I worry that things will get disordered as a result of their hyperactivity, that chargers and clothes will get chewed up, that ticks will be visible in some areas of our home, and that I may get bitten by them.

I already felt satisfied in my life with my family; I only had to be concerned about myself because everyone else had their own businesses to do. It’s just about me, my two older brothers, my parents, and my academics. Everything was fine until one day, I saw a puppy in our home. My mother had bought it and said it would be wonderful if we had a pet because she thought that the house was getting monotonous with us waking up to the same faces every day.

I don't know why, but the moment I saw him, I felt as though I had suddenly developed a fondness for dogs, despite the fact that I don't. I no longer worried about the ticks and would even enjoy cleaning up his waste and mess. It really feels different when you are just thinking of having a dog and getting it in real life. You wouldn't care about the costs of their possessions and vaccinations as they give you the warmest happiness of your life in exchange.

Since he was our first puppy and a two-month-old shih tzu when we brought him home, we gave him the name “Uno”. He is already four months old, but during those months that we have been caring for him, I have had a lot of realizations in mind which I listed below:

1. One dog can make you feel connected to all dogs

Before, I frequently pass across stray dogs, cats, and other animals, but I never paid them any attention. I usually avoid them whenever I'm walking on a road since, as I already mentioned, I fear them. But when our puppy arrived, everything changed, and I at once felt a deep sorrow for dogs who were either abandoned or neglected by their owners. I came to understand that every dog is precious, and nobody deserves to be overlooked or treated unfairly.

2. It’s the dog’s little gestures that make you love them more

Every small thing a dog does has a significant and remarkable impact on its owners. Every time my dog barks at me as if he is hinting something, whether he needs to eat, drink water, or poop, his lick every time I ask him to kiss me, and his excitement every time we arrive home, I find it amusing and comforting at the same time. Those little gestures make him special and other dogs as well, which deepens people's love for them.

3. Owning a dog alleviates stress

My present routine and setting as a student seem to revolve around my loved ones and my laptop, which I frequently utilize to complete and turn in my assignments. Knowing that you must look at the screen every time you perform your duties exhausts you out day by day. However, when we had a dog, there was something that made me feel less tired whenever I touched or saw him. Perhaps the greatest gift that a dog and other animals can provide that other humans cannot is the ability to provide solace at times of weariness.

4. Dogs have the ability to instill a sense of responsibility in you

The level of responsibility required when taking care of a dog is different. Aside from feeding them, you should be accountable for giving them a bath, exercising them, and cleaning up their feces. Owning a dog would definitely teach you to be responsible because, aside from the fact that many don't have anyone to take care of it for them, every duty you perform is worthwhile for the pets you’re caring for.

5. Loving a dog is never a waste of time

Many individuals believe that caring for a dog is a complete waste of time. They keep on saying that it is pointless to give money to an animal that will just die after some years. The costs for the pet's veterinary care and other demands are something my dad used to gripe about before, but when Uno came and live with us, he eventually forgot these complains as he got attached to our lovable dog. I realized that caring for pets is never a waste of time or effort since they are valuable and the love they can provide for people is incomparably more important than any time or money.


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  • Alex H Mittelman 30 days ago

    So cute! Dogs are great’

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