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What your dog groomer doesn’t tell you

But I will because I don’t know ya.

By Jay,when I writePublished 5 months ago 5 min read
What your dog groomer doesn’t tell you
Photo by J. Balla Photography on Unsplash

*what your groomer won’t say & tips to being the best dog owner/a dog groomer’s hero*

Reminder: there are other dogs, and pet groomers are humans too who know what they’re doing at their own job

I’ve been working as a dog groomer for a few months now,and noticed a reoccurring theme in the place I work with two people who’ve been doing it for “a little” & “much” longer, respectively.

They are a lot less open to sharing these things, but when you turn around, they let loose. I, however, am very honest. Maybe it is because I am taking a step away from that line of work. So, here are some fun facts for you to be a better dog owner, and some things they have been keeping from ya:

1. You’re actually harming your dog

Okay, so they may tell you that you not brushing them regularly or well is causing mats and this is why when you go to pick them up they’re looking less like your fluffy muffin, and more like a hairless cat.

But, they aren’t grilling you enough in my opinion. You not brushing your dog, or learning the proper technique, is making it difficult for your dog to be comfortable.

Imagine walking around with your hair all tangled all over with leaves and whatnot in it. Then, imagine someone having to try to get that out (note: if you’re not thinking it may hurt, you’re wrong). These mats be by their eyes and mouth, two sensitive places. And of course thirty don’t want to sit still and have someone in their face like that when they’re already upset they’re away from you, and uncomfortable as is!

But the harder it is to brush it out, well… time to try an alternative method.

2. It makes us sad when your dog seems unloved

And we do judge you (unless there’s a good reason not to of course, then we just have a chat with you and hope you do better in the future. We all make mistakes).

3. Your dog is mean. No. Your dog sucks

It’s mainly you’re fault, but it can also be the breed in general.

I, for one, have learned bernies are plain awful (demeanor, but they can be cute). They know they’re big, and will use that. Bernie-doodles are even worse. They’re sassy (derogatory ha). Moving their heads and throwing their bodies, slows everything down. This is why it takes longer.

Lots of dogs come in there ready for war. We have a list of dogs that will try to bite. It goes: will try to bite the water, the brush, or you.

It hurts. They suck. They’re pissed because they’re there, I get it. They’re also not used to being told no, so tell them no and be away from them more.

4. It won’t take just one hour for your huge monster of a dog!

In what world do you think your dog is the only dog? Also, it is huge! It also comes with it’s own set of rules it wants us to live by.

A larger place may get them out sooner than a mom and pop shop, but don’t count on it and don’t be rude when you’re given an estimate. Yes, we are positive we cannot have your massive mastiff out in 1 hour.

As for your fluffy tiny man, maybe it’ll be sooner, but did you know your tiny man hates absolutely everything and will try to jump off the table and claw our eyes off? Nope? Alright then.

Also, the more mats, the longer it’ll be. All the more reason to take more responsibility, eh?

5. You should actually listen when you’re told they’ll call you or estimates the first time your dog comes in

As the title says. This causes less time going back and forth, and means you’re keeping up with your dog.

Oh, I’m sure some actually know the answer, they just want to hurry things along or something. But, they’re slowing things down instead. Some customers have truly come in thinking they could talk themselves to the front of the list. Don’t get me wrong, we are accommodating when we can be, but your schedule shouldn’t impact ours when you KNEW this would be going on today. At that point, don’t bring them in. We have to get through the other dogs and everything is timed.

If you forgot, cool, ask once and don’t give that look like “Hey, but we’re the only dog and owner in this world” look

6.There’s more to it than you think

Trust me. It gets brutal. And there’s more than one dog. So. Be kind.

7.Your dog being so aggressive to other dogs or humans isn’t okay

It also shouldn’t be something you just accept, or find funny. Train them. You’re ruining everyone’s time around you and your dog.

Onto the


1. Brushing:

Brush everywhere! Absolutely everywhere. It is how you normalize brushing for your dog, so they’re not coming to a groomer like “I don’t know what you’re doing with that tool in your hand, but stay away from my legs.”

If the dog has more than one layer/thick layers, move one layer up and get that bottom one too

Purchase the right brushes like this one

Slicker brush

There are others, but think “dog brush” and also get a comb.

Check your work after brushing with a nice comb!

2. Try washing your dogs a bit

This will help you see how they handle things. It will calm them down too.

You don’t have to full on wash them completely, try getting their face a tad wet and putting some soap on and rinsing it off. Make it comfortable and simple.

3. Actually spend time away from your dog, or if you have two, make them spend time away from each other

Dogs get attached like kids. Breaks my heart when they won’t say “bye,” cause they think it’ll be forever. Also, they get really aggressive at times if you try separating them from their best friend.

4. Make your dog nicer to other dogs, or at the very least get them muzzle

Dogs come in there trying to rip the heads off of other dogs. Imagine listening to a dog bark at another for hours, which only makes the other dog terrified and suddenly all the dogs in the room are just having a field day singing the song of their people.

If they come in just for nails, and they’re not good with people or dogs, just put the muzzle on for a second. Please. It hurts having your finger bitten.

Alrighty, that’s all I have to share for now. Let me go to sleep, so that I handle dogs thinking I’m PUBLIC ENEMY No.1 tomorrow.

And so I can the most energy for the happiest and cutest pups I’ve ever seen.

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