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What's a Bald Kim-Chick Celebrity Doing in My House with 3 People Outakes

Is she real…or is it an Instagram filter?

By Annemarie BerukoffPublished 7 months ago Updated 7 months ago 5 min read
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She struts into my house using one of two doors leading into the kitchen to help herself to a dish of expensive cat food. One door is up a staircase unto a large back deck around a corner to access the patio door to the kitchen. How can she tell that either door is slightly aslant … because within minutes she arrives, as if hiding in surveillance, clucking her presence, pecking away if no one is there or loudly squawking her indignity of being chased with a broom.

I call her Kim-Chick because she definitely engages in her Selfie acts regardless that her actions frustrate others and demean normal circumstances.

Perhaps she can serve as an example of typical pretentious celebrities tik-tokking and tweeting their minutes of shameless, worthless fame.

As far as poultry go, she can be considered a celebrity in her own right claiming territory for her own proclivity in wanting attention and status as a fanatic for cat food. Even such loud squabbling if another chicken wanders into her area.

There are forty-one other chickens comfortable to stay within the free-range grounds around their coop, flocking out occasionally to get special vegetable or fruit treats with no desire to eat cat food. They are content to lay eggs, dust bathe, preen, eat grain pellets, bugs and grass as is their norm. Their behaviour seems to matter as their life’s purpose to successfully meet their productivity goals of laying eggs in co-operative nests.

Do you think any of them would wish to be like her?

She looks a normal chicken with a head clearly and uniquely defeathered. There is no rooster to pluck her head bare like this, but it fits her noticeable celebrity brand to stand out from the rest.

But she also has another unusual oddity as a 2 year old chicken. At that age, most other chickens show signs of moulting, a natural annual process by which they can shed any damaged feathers and get a new set of plumage. First, head feathers are lost, then the back, sides and thighs until finally the tail feathers drop off leaving a sorry-looking bedraggled chicken. This is nature’s way to give their productive egg organs a chance to rest.

But, look at Kim-Chick's body, still slender and perfect with full fluffy down, perky wattles, beautifully outfitted with deep-red russet feathers flecked with highlights. It begs the question IF she requires no moulting resting period, did she ever lay an egg?

Many individual hens can be pointed out daily sitting in their nests laying eggs but I haven’t seen her personally in any nest to pay her due value for food. She definitely was never an anxious clucking mother hen sitting for days on her precious eggs.

I’m sure everyone agrees that she’s a pretty bird with golden eyes with no notable skills except to eat cat food.

Most notably, she creates the most havoc, conversations and expletives with her actions. The doors have to be closed shut with less fresh air circulating in the house. Once a large cardboard box was placed on the back deck staircase to prevent entry with a half empty gallon of paint placed on top as weight. A strong wind blew the box over spilling white paint over the staircase, black barbecue cover and my good sandals.

Once I threw my favorite one-gallon pitcher with a large handle used to gather eggs … not to hit her but scare her away from the cat dish. The bottom is now cracked, unusable and irreplaceable.

Most annoying are her little plentiful piles of calcium-streaked poop deposited wherever nature dutifully calls … on the floor, under the table, on tiles, rugs, all over the carport. A chicken scooper has replaced a dog scooper like looking after a baby with no diaper.

But then, it’s been reported often there are unpleasant deposits of stupidity on social media platforms to gain attention for shock value. If only they can be mentally removed as easily.

3 People Out-takes …1 tragic

Are people celebrities that much different from Kim-Chick? They are special individuals who are usually highly attractive, motivational, with notable status symbols, sometimes talent, sometimes considerable marketable influence. Their presence occupies a lot of time, space and reactions on private cellphones.

But, is it because they want to share experiences and values or out perform other egotistical brands for personal aggrandizement with or without better human qualities for society?

There is no denying that people fall in love with their famous celebrities for good reasons; having earned the right for adoration and respect because of their accomplishments, hard work and talent especially in entertainment, creative arts and sports.

It can also be said that many people who try to be celebrities to gain power, earn money and fame often don’t realize the difficulty and psychological adjustments along the way, like loss of personal privacy or sense of isolation. Of course, regardless of objectives or outrage, social media platforms make it easier to reach massive audiences for maximum “likes” and followers.

Therein, lies the tragedy if this make-believe scenario has any resonance to our endless online simulations to accept artificial environments and foster wanna-be celebrities. Imagine for a moment that chickens wandered around in this virtual reality to suspend their beliefs and be something beyond their feathers, eggs and flock mentality.

Kim-Chick would be a star celebrity through her impeccable appearance and notoriety. The remainder of the responsible normal chicken flock would diminish to secondary importance to the public.

Now, imagine IF other chickens wanted to be like Kim-Chick displaying their nude heads, finding excitement in unnatural behaviour, pretending to be cats, upsetting standards. Imagine the bullying or stress of being not good enough or fearing the natural aging changes. How would that affect their organization or productivity?

Final Statement

It would seem that any self-centered impositions would erode community values in any reality.

Annemarie Berukoff

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Annemarie Berukoff

Experience begets Wisdom: teacher / author 4 e-books / activist re education, family, social media, ecology re eco-fiction, cultural values. Big Picture Lessons are best ways to learn re no missing details.

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